Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back Home and In a Whirlwind

I'm back home again after living with family in another town for the past several months while we worked through a family crisis. It's amazing to sleep in my own bed again, and my cats have forgiven me for my long absence and are cuddling me right this second.

Today it's a nice sunny Sunday, so I'm outdoors visiting with neighbors and doing my fall garden cleanup. Someone has already mowed the lawn for me, so now I just have to weed extensively and feed my poor neglected lawn.

Back inside the house, we've moved furniture out of the way for tomorrow's carpet cleaners, and we've painted the nursery. So it rather looks like a tornado hit the house at the moment. The only three rooms that haven't been affected are the kitchen, which stayed miraculously clean even after feeding our painting volunteers, and two of the bathrooms (the third is being used to store couch cushions).

It's hard to remember that my house often gets much worse in the process of getting better!


- Exercise and take vitamins. Then you can feel superior and smug!

- Fridge and Freezer maintenance: Remove everything from one shelf, one drawer or two door shelves in your fridge or freezer. Examine food, toss out anything old, sanitize shelf, dry it and put food back in an organized manner.

- Call an elderly relative tonight (but try to call before it gets too late!)


I don't know what you're doing today, but I'm in the garden for quite a while. When I get indoors, I have a bunch of catchup things to do: laundry, unpacking, and re-provisioning at Target and the grocery store. We have food, but we're out of things like produce, milk, bread, dishwashing detergent and paper towels. The cats are eyeing me suspiciously at their dwindling bag of cat food, too.

LOVELY WEBSITES: Cabinet des Fees

I thought some of you might enjoy this online fairy tale journal. Their eighth issue just came out, with poetry and fiction based on fairy tale themes. They also have some book reviews.

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