Tuesday, September 01, 2009

First of September

Apple and Pumpkin Pocket Pie Molds, at Williams-Sonoma

Today, I'm looking back over my summer, finishing up diary and journal entries, reminiscing, and seeing if there's anything I wanted to do and forgot to make time for. I need one more picnic in a park, one more night spent sleeping under the stars, and one more dinner at a waterfront restaurant's patio. I'd like sit out under my patio umbrella before it's time to put it away in storage for fall. I'm keeping my windows and doors open to let in fresh air while I still can, and gathering generous portions of plums, mint and basil from my garden.


- Look over your calendar for the upcoming month. Need to make any hair, veterinary, doctor or dentist appointments for you or family members? Getting flu shots?

- Any upcoming birthdays you need to send cards or gifts for?

- Make any phone calls or send emails you need to catch up with family and friends

- Pay mortgage, rent, and bills

- Are you a listmaker? Today I'm going to be sure that my very
important "list" notebook (currently a teal-and-chocolate striped little thing ) his tucked away into my purse, along with a pen. With fall coming on I'll have plenty of things to keep track of and make lists about.

- Make time for yourself sometime today outdoors while it's still nice enough to enjoy it. Take a longer walk than usual; take some of your summer magazines out on the porch with some iced tea and enjoy them.

- It's time to finish reading our summery magazines, or anything with
summer recipes, beach house decoration or island travel themes. Coastal Living, Bon Appetit, Gourmet, and pre-October issues of Good Housekeeping, House & Garden, etcetera. These will hold us back from getting into the mood for fall, so let's read, enjoy then recycle them!

TODAY'S PROJECT: Goodbye to Summer

Some of you are still living in uberhot weather right now. But if it's getting too chilly to be outside, it might be time to put away your patio furniture. Use it one last time, enjoying your patio while reading magazines, paying bills or writing a quick note to a relative. Let's let our significant others do all the heavy lifting and washing off and storing; but we can still put away our summer decor, beach towels, citronella candles, etc.

I have two Sterilite plastic storage boxes marked Summer. Into them today is going all my summer tablecloths and tablerunners, my yellow and white polkadot outdoor dishes, any leftover unused summery paper napkins, my teal votive holders, my citronella candles, tealights in the wrong color scheme for fall, and anything else I used to decorate for outdoor parties.

With these boxes safely tucked away in our storage shed, I'll be able to get out fall decor and start decorating in autumnal colors this week.

Time to toss those old, crusty sunscreens. Supposedly it goes bad after a year so we'll have to buy new ones next May anyway. Keep a couple newer looking ones, in different SPF, around in case of emergencies. Never know when you're going to win the lottery and immediately jump on a plane for Hawaii!

Beach towels need to be laundered and stored or put far away in the linen cupboard. We'll need the room for fall linens and cuddly throws.

It does make me sad to put away my summer things. I just have to look forward to the holidays ahead, and remember that summer will come again next year. I'll remind myself of the nice few San Diego trips I took last winter, soaking up sun for a weekend here and a few days there.


Back-to-School Menus (Epicurious)

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Peach Clafouti (Rachael Ray)

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