Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mid-September Weekend

I just got back from the Chelan County Fair. Now that I'm full of lemonade and funnel cakes, I'm going to get a couple projects done in the house I'm housesitting at.


- Start a load of laundry; fold and put away any clothes that might have been on top of dryer

- Maintenance clean one shelf, one drawer or two door pockets in your refrigerator. Mercilessly throw out anything you know you won't eat by next Friday (got any weird condiments that should go?)

- Make phonecalls to any relatives you haven't seen or talked to in a while.

- Take a quick look around to see what fall decorating you might want to do soon. Any particular decor, candleholders, or pillows you want to put out?

- Set out clothing for tomorrow for yourself and any family members too young to do it for themselves

- What foods are you sending to school in lunchboxes tomorrow?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Doors and Windowsills

Today I'm digging dead flies and bees out of the many windowsills in the house I'm staying in. I'll dust the windowsills afterwards - they seem to accumulate weird fuzz rather than dust. This is just one of my ways of saying thank you to the relatives who are hosting my extended stay here.

I'll dust the wood doors next, doing both sides of the door as well as the wood trim around them. I haven't counted the doors in this house yet, but I'm sure there are many more than the eleven I have in my own home.

While you work, take notes on any chipped windowsills, chipped frames over the doors, or peeling paint. Need to add anything to your home fix-it list or your repainting schedule?

LOVELY BLOGS: Kind Over Matter

Their tagline is "Have you ever left something beautiful for a stranger to find, have you ever found something beautiful yourself?" Mostly their posts consist of one beautiful image, often with words spelled out somehow in it, focusing on lovely inspiration and positive encouragement. Definitely worth a look every morning.

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