Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Morning

This is one of those days that's a total blur of activity mixed with interruptions. If the phone rings one more time, I am going to scream. I have a carpet cleaner coming, I'm on the phone every half hour with a programmer working on one of my websites, the post office came early and left empty handed without my packages, and the house is so messy (from moving furniture for the carpet cleaners) I am climbing around things to get anywhere. I think I am going to switch to decaf tea for the rest of the morning.


- Make menu plans for the week and create grocery list. Think about the lunchboxes you might be packing this week, too.

- Visualize what you and your children (if any) will be wearing to work and school this week. Need to do any laundry, enforce some hang-up-your-clothes rules, set out anything for tomorrow, drop off or pick up any dry cleaning?

TODAY'S PROJECT: General Overhaul

I'm trying to get the house back in order, and rather than focusing on a specific room like I normally do on a big Day Project, I'm putting out fires here and there in the whole house. I have the dining room cleaned out (other than two chairs from downstairs waiting here while the carpets are cleaned), laundry started, pet bowls washed, dishwasher running, and trash taken out. Next I have to clear a pathway in my office and put packing peanuts and boxing supplies out of the way where they belong.

LOVELY BOOKS: The Century CookBook

This is an 1895 cookbook by Mary Ronald. You'll need an updated browser to read through the book. I found it quite charming and not so out-of-date as we might think. There are chapters on dinner giving and etiquette, table decorations, economical living, wastefulness, cooking as a pleasure and an accomplishment, and all sorts of recipes. There's even a chapter on making candy. I found myself quite sucked into reading this today instead of getting my work done, oops!

Century Cookbook, at Google Books


I just wanted to share this gorgeous paper shop with you. I am drooling over everything here right this moment. So far I've managed to control myself and not buy anything. I am looking at their Snow & Graham Christmas-themed papers right now.

By the way, whenever I mention a shop on here (which is rare) I want you to know it's because I enjoy the shop and thought you might too. I do not accept advertising from companies nor do I let them suggest their shops be included on the blog. I just show you what I've stumbled onto lately. That said, I do occasionally include an Amazon affiliate link if I'm talking about a book I was going to talk about anyways. I wouldn't mention a book I didn't like just in the hopes of someone clicking on it or buying it. Yuck!



Check out the gallery of stunningly gorgeous tables and dishes this company has created for various catered dinner parties. I bet you'll want to look at every one!

Amy Atlas Portfolio


Buddha-Shaped Pears (Neat-o-Rama)

Homemade Bento Boxes Slideshow (NY Times)

Sur La Table Fall Cooking Classes

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