Sunday, October 25, 2009

Did You Participate in "Time for Us" Week?

My Autumn walk in Redmond, Washington

This week instead of doing major housecleaning projects, I enjoyed time for myself, doing things I enjoyed.

I still had to do my job every day, prepare dinner for my household, run the dishwasher, start a load of laundry here or there, and do just enough maintenance cleaning projects that my house wouldn't fall into the apocalypse.

But I gave myself room and time to do things I enjoy. On Wednesday I laid around watching movies and reading magazines. I went shopping and out to dinner with my best friend on Thursday, and to dinner and a movie on Friday. On Saturday I enjoyed a birthday party, then went out for drinks with new friends. Sunday I went for an autumn walk, I spent a few hours experimenting in the kitchen, goofing around with makeup and nail polish, and reading books.

I feel majorly refreshed and destressed, and now I'm ready to handle the stress and excitement of getting ready for the holiday season. Relaxed like this, I can look forward to the houseguests who will arrive, the meals I'll cook, the parties I'll throw, and the celebrations I'll share with family.

If you participated in "Time for Us Week", what activities did you do? What did you make a priority for yourself this week?

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