Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Reading on Columbus Day

Have you been to the library in the past month or two? Do you have a nice selection of books to read on chilly fall evenings? Or are you like me, with a bad Barnes & Noble habit and unread books spilling out of your multiple bookcases?

If you enjoy reading, grab a book and make time to enjoy it every night this week. (Last night I read mine after Desperate Housewives was over, before bedtime).


- It's Columbus Day, so the post office and banks are closed. Need to get anything ready to mail out tomorrow morning?

- Need to get any laundry done that didn't get finished over the weekend?

- Make meal plans for the week. Today might be the perfect day to go grocery shopping if you need to.

- Celebrate fall by filling your home with fall scents. Spritz room spray, or light a pumpkin or caramel scented candle. You can also simmer water, a cinnamon stick, sugar, and a few orange slices on the stove to make your home smell fabulous.

- Have you eaten an apple, peach or pear this week?

- Check your inventory of fun fall beverages. Do you have hot chocolate? Spiced apple cider mix? A couple jars of Martinelli's apple cider? Alcoholic cider for those of you who drink? Guinness?

- Do you have a book you mean to return, loan or gift to a friend? Mail it today, or put it by your front door so you will remember to take it to them next time you see them.


I'm doing a very unglamorous but very needed project today: Cleaning all three bathrooms very thoroughly. I have a lot of work to get done today, so I will work quickly and not get distracted by other tasks. I expect this all to take no more than half an hour.

If you don't have time to do multiple bathrooms today, just choose one of your bathrooms and make it fabulous. Wash rugs, towels, handtowels and washcloths, mop floor, scrub sink, shower and tub (if applicable). Dust or wipe the baseboards clean; wipe the light fixtures and light bulbs. Empty trash cans, and check out your emergency supply of toilet paper you hide in a cabinet nearby.

See if there's anything you can get off the counters (I'm removing two of the three candles I have in the master bathroom, and removing one of the two books I keep on the toilet tank).

Take a quick look in any cabinets in your bathroom - do they need sorting or decluttering? Finish off with a quick polish of the mirror, counter and fixtures.

Did you clean your own master bathroom? Celebrate your clean bathroom with a hot bath or extra long shower tonight, perhaps while you read one of your books you'd like to finish this fall.

Don't forget an ice cold glass of water with lemon, a Perrier, or some sparkling cider or - dare I suggest it - champagne!

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Meg said...

I have a REALLY bad Barnes and Noble habit even though my local library is fabulous. I love love love to read but lately I have been succumbing to the computer all night after work. It's like I can't tear myself away even when I'm bored. No more though. Books are back.

I'm off to grocery shop tonight and my #1 goal is to fill my cart with fall-ish things. Yummy ingredients that will include apples and pumpkins to bake or cook into anything. Glad you mentioned the beverages too. I haven't had a good alcoholic cider in a long time and it will be the perfect way to relax after a rough day at work. I'm putting that on my list.