Friday, October 23, 2009

Last Day of "Me" Time


- Tidy up real quickly for the weekend. Wipe down counters and mirrors, empty trashcans, remove magazines and clutter from the living room. Empty off the dining table and breakfast nook table if need be. Remove items piled on stairs to be taken upstairs; hang up coats, put away umbrellas and shoes.

- Fill up with gas for the weekend if needed; visit an ATM to get cash if you need some.

- Throw out dead flowers; replace with fresh new ones to enjoy

- Take quick inventory for your shopping list if you intend to go shopping this weekend. Shampoos/bath stuff? Cleaning supplies? Groceries? Lightbulbs? Batteries? Fresh flowers? Laundry detergent? Toilet paper/paper towels? Cold medicine? Christmas shopping?

- Make weekend socialization plans if you haven't already


It sounds selfish, but I'm only going to do what I want to do today after work is over. Other than brief tidying for the weekend, not a speck of cleaning. Laundry can wait for tomorrow. Vacuuming can happen tomorrow.

Tonight, I'm going out to dinner and a movie with friends. Beforehand, I'm trying to fit in a little enjoyable shopping before dinnertime. I'm headed to Macy's looking for a dress to wear to my father's 65th birthday party.

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