Monday, October 26, 2009

Last Monday in October

The L'Occitane "Golden Branch" candle I'm burning in my bedroom today

Daylight Saving Time is on November 1st this year. Before you go to bed after your Halloween festivities, turn your clocks back one hour.

Daylight Saving Time


- Plan menus for the week and write your grocery list

- Need to buy Halloween candy to give out to trick-or-treaters on Saturday?

- Finish up your Halloween costume or your children's costumes, if needed

- Book travel for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas if you haven't already

- Need to catch up on laundry you didn't finish over the weekend?


I take fire safety very seriously. I have been in a hotel that was on fire before. Though it was a small fire and I was in no real danger, it's made me extra cautious. I burn a lot of candles, and use my fireplace often, so I have to consciously think every day about minimizing fire risk.

Safety experts always suggest that we test our smoke alarm batteries twice a year, when we change our clocks. They say we should replace them once a year, during the fall clock change. Clock changing time is coming up this weekend. Let's get our safety related errands done now so we can focus on a fun festive Halloween.

Replace your batteries in your smoke detectors (whether they need it or not. Put batteries on your shopping list if you use up your stash during our safety exercise this week.

Empty and clean your dryer lint trap and clean behind the dryer and around the hose if you can. Inspect the hose for wear, and see if you need to have a professional come out to clean the hose. (Chimney sweep companies often offer this as a service they provide as well).

Vacuum or dust all the smoke detectors in your house while you're at it. Is your smoke detector more than seven years old? Pitch it out and get a new one. You can pick one up at RiteAid, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target, Home Depot, Lowe's, and even at some grocery stores.

While you're shopping, do you have a carbon monoxide detector?

See if you need to replace your existing fire extinguishers. If you don't have any, now is the time to think about getting one for your kitchen, bedroom hallway, garage, and for each vehicle.

Do you have a flashlight with working batteries next to your bed? Test it tonight in the dark. Can you reach it and turn it on quickly from a lying down position? Is it bright enough?

Do you keep a flashlight in your car? If so, have you tested it in the last week to see if it works?

Spend some time tonight with your family, especially if you have small children, discussing what to do in event of a fire. Practice your fire escape route.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors, at Wikipedia

Fire Safety, at Wikipedia



Last week was "All About Us" week, where we pampered ourselves, selfishly did things for ourselves only, neglected big housecleaning projects, read books, did crafts, got manicures, and took long baths.

Now it's time to do a few chores, have a fun Halloween, then get back to work. With November comes removal of Halloween decorations, sprucing up of autumn decor, early Christmas shopping, Thanksgiving planning, and getting the guest room ready for houseguests. Time to start thinking about others again!

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