Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Making a Glorious Mess in the Kitchen

Pumpkin Leaves Silicone Baking Mold, at JoAnn's

Today after my maintenance housework is done (vacuuming, sweeping and wiping down kitchen counters) I plan to experiment heavily in the kitchen. I'm trying to learn how to make a few yummy things. It will make a mess, but cleanup will be fun, aided by a pumpkin scented candle, wine and a CD player.


- Launder bedding, change sheets if needed. Do any other laundry that's piled up recently.

- Does your vacuum bag need emptying or changing? If you don't have a bagless vacuum, do you need to order any vacuum bags online?

- Can you fit in a 30 minute walk through your neighborhood today, admiring signs of autumn, exercising and getting fresh air into your lungs?

- Need to buy or work on your kids' Halloween costumes? Or your own?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Kitchen Experiments

Today I'm messing around in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes, and using some of the lovely kitchen goodies I've bought for myself over the years. (See the silicon autumn baking pan above, which I'm putting lemon poppy seed muffins into).

I'm trying a new cream of mushroom soup recipe, and trying to learn to make better biscuits. (I won't serve the two together though, but if the mushroom soup comes out too thick, I might pretend it's gravy for the biscuits!)

Next, I have my Kitchen Aid artisan stand mixer out and I'm going to use it to learn to make miniature doughnuts. I've never used my mini doughnut pan, and tonight is the night. Even though we will probably only eat a couple of the mini doughnuts tonight (I'll take some over to the neighbors if I succeed and the doughnuts turn out tasty), I want to use this block of time to enjoy trying to learn to make them. It's worth the dollar or two for the ingredients I'll use in my learning process.

LOVELY WEBSITES: The Daring Kitchen

I absolutely love this concept! This started as a blog where a couple friends would attempt the same recipe on the same night, then post their results. It soon grew to include more people. Now, anyone can join The Daring Bakers each month as the group tries a new recipe. You must register and sometimes there's a waiting period to become a member, all to ensure the next month's challenge is a secret.

There's a lot of interesting cooking-related stuff to look through here, I think you will like it.



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Meg said...

I love those baking molds!! Hope I can find some at my Joanne's.

Carrie said...

They usually display the molds on the endcap of the Wilton baking aisle. If your JoAnn's doesn't have them, I bet Michael's has similar baking molds.

BentoForKidlet said...

I found the same molds at my Michael's today. I am going to try some pumpkin muffins in them tonight!