Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mid-Week in Late October

Pomegranate for my Autumn fruit bowl, 99 cents


- Kitchen floor need sweeping or mopping? Counters clean?

- Tidy bathrooms - refresh toilet paper rolls, empty trash cans if needed, wipe down mirrors, sinks and counters, change out hand towels and rugs as needed, for clean ones

- How is everybody in your house doing for fresh, clean pajamas to wear tonight?

- Do you have a fall wreath on your front door? If you own an autumn-themed or Halloween doormat, have you swapped it out so it's on your doorstep?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Guest Room Tidying

I normally embark on a huge guest room cleaning project in November, before relatives start visiting for the holidays. This year, I have guests who are arriving in time for Halloween weekend. So today I'm cleaning and tidying the guest room.

I've removed everything except the big furniture from the room. I'm washing the bedding (a set of teal sheets and blankets from IKEA), vacuuming the room, dusting the baseboards, dusting the lamp, and sorting the junk in the closet. I sorted this closet last year, but I've already filled it up again, argh. I want my guests to be able to hang their coats up when they visit!

In about an hour I should have a nice tidy dust-free guest room, bed made up, a throw on the end of the bed, pillows plumped and ready to go, lamp sitting next to the bed, and a desk tray nearby with a clock and water glass.

I'm putting a lavender candle (and nearby matches) on top of the bookcase, and making sure there's bottled water in the room for guests to drink. I have two lamps, an alarm clock, and a box of Kleenex within easy reach of the bed.

Right before guests actually arrive on Friday, I'll spritz the room with pomegranate cassis room spray, put fresh flowers in the room, and perhaps a small basket of Satsuma oranges.

Have you ever slept overnight in your guest room so you know if the bed is comfy, the blankets adequate, and the temperature in the room ideal?


I was messing around making sushi last night and enjoyed peeking at this very useful resource site. It's a great place to learn about making the perfect sushi rice, and getting tips on creative bento boxes. But there's also beautifully photographed food, plus the occasional post on gorgeous kyaraben bento boxes. I probably spent about an hour on this site last night learning things.

Just Bento.com

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