Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Almost Thanksgiving

Wilton Christmas Tree Silicone Pan. I'll be using this the first week of December to bake holiday treats to drop off at friends' and neighbor's houses.


- Need to give yourself a quick manicure so your hands look nice for the holiday? I need to, I don't want to show up at Thanksgiving with chipped nail polish.

- Add 15 minutes to your normal exercise routine today - Thanksgiving preparedness!

- Gather phone numbers of people you want to call on Thanksgiving to wish a happy holiday.

- Sweep the entryway to your home, both outdoors and inside.

- Gather cameras, chargers and batteries you'll use tomorrow.


If you're going out of town for Thanksgiving, you can enjoy coming home to clean bathrooms. If you're hosting, you need all your bathrooms to be spotless for guests.

If you have a big crowd coming, more than one bathroom may be in use at the same time. So I'm cleaning all three of mine today. If someone had snuck in to use my master bathroom the way it looked this morning, I would have been embarrassed!

Clean mirrors, light fixtures, sinks and counters. Scrub the toilet, see if the bathtub and shower need any work. Finish by mopping floors, replacing hand towels and rugs/mats with clean ones, stocking toilet paper and Kleenex. Do you have a vase of fresh flowers in the guest bathroom? A candle you can light later on in the evening?


Beautify Your Balcony (SF Gate)


AnnA said...

I love your blog, I read it everyday to help motivate me in my daily efforts.

I also have a blog here, NewInNola, and I have a question- your affiliate link for Starbucks that comes up, how did you create it? I like it much better than the plain old google adds that show up to the right of mine.

I know you're busy with Thanksgiving right now, but if you could get back to me after the holiday, I'd appreciate it. Thank you!


rjavila said...

Are you hosting a UK thanksgiving?

Sounds like you have been busy. Wish you a legit thanksgiving, take care and enjoy yo self.

Carrie said...

UK? No, I live in the Northwest corner of the United States. Definitely keeping busy! :)

Carrie said...

Anna, that link is a Commission Junction link. I joined their affiliate network because I don't like Google Ads, they are text and not specific enough to things I like to show people. This way I can pick and choose what gets shown.