Monday, November 30, 2009

End of November

Pacifica "Zanzibar Cinnamon Almond" - What I'm burning in my kitchen today

November ends. December begins, with its month full of dark nights, wintry cold, seasonal holidays, festive parties, and family gatherings.

Let's be sure to have some fun tonight or this week before the crowds completely make restaurants and malls unbearable. And before we get wrapped up (so to speak) in holiday preparations and all the busy times ahead.

After I finish cleaning today, I'm taking a friend out to dinner. It's a work night for both of us, so we won't stay out too late, but we'll have fun and make the most of our time. This is our chance to see each other before the holidays start consuming a lot of our evenings.


- Need to send any thank-you notes?

- Look over your past month. Did you achieve goals you set for yourself? (Whether they involve personal growth, housekeeping, crafting, cooking, socializing, decluttering, travel, book-reading, journaling, etc?)

- Make a meal that cleverly helps you use up your last leftovers from Thanksgiving?

- Spend a bit more time with your pets tonight. They may need extra affection after being stressed by visitors or by your absence this weekend.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Pick-A-Spot Cleaning

I don't want to involve myself in an enormous project, since I'm working today and trying to make time to go out in the evening. So I'm going to pick the worst spot of my house and work on it.

Right now the worst spot is my Breakfast nook. On Thanksgiving we piled it full of extra dishes, boxes of muffin mixes, cookie sheets and baking pans we removed from the oven to fit the turkey in, and my gingerbread house making supplies. I want to clear off the table, put everything back in its proper home, set the table with a new tablecloth, give up on a sad houseplant I accidentally killed, and mop the floor underneath. I also want to wipe the windowsills where I'd been displaying miniature pumpkins the past two months.

After dinner I'll come home to a table that's clean, fresh and ready to eat breakfast on in the morning!


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