Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Leisurely Holiday Weekend

I never can resist these snowflake-shaped crackers, I have to buy a box or two every winter. They just make my soup so festive!


- Have you sat down and watched the news (or spent some time with your preferred news website) in the last few days? A lot is going on, and it's too easy to focus so intensely on our Thanksgiving and family celebrations that we lose touch with what's going on in the world around us. It's easy enough to have it on in the background while we're doing laundry or catching up with magazines.

- Make weekend socialization plans if you haven't already. Today I'm going to a movie with friends who have said goodbye to their out-of-town houseguests. We might not go to dinner as both of our households have lots of leftovers to eat up still.

- Need to do any Christmas shopping this weekend? If you can't bear the crowds (I waited til 9pm to slink into Target last night to pick up a few things) shop online, or get other tasks out of the way so you can shop on a slower weeknight next week.

- Spend some extra time with your pets if needed. They may be upset after the flurry and activity of Thanksgiving, or might need extra attention if you've been traveling.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Laundry and Leftovers

Today I'm doing laundry, eating leftovers and rearranging my refrigerator. We had to move a bunch of our food around to make room for the turkey we were storing to take to another household. Now I can't find anything in the fridge. I'll be removing everything from my fridge and doing a major cleanup today.

Meanwhile my washer and dryer will be busy cleaning all the bedding in the house (including throws and the fluffy blankets we curl up in to watch movies downstairs). I'll also do a load of dark clothes before I leave for my movie.

LOVELY BLOGS: Found in Mom's Basement

This blogger unearths interesting vintage advertisements from magazines she finds in her mom's basement. Apparently her mom didn't throw much away! I really enjoy browsing through the old ads, seeing the fashions and hairstyles on the models, and looking at the products that were being advertised to 1950s housewives. The one that says "For Digestion's Sake, Smoke Camels" really blows me away!


This website features a gallery of extremely cool sandwiches to make for your kids. There are no instructions on how to make them (they're writing a book for that) so you can just enjoy the ideas in the pictures.

There's a sandwich shaped like a piano, a colorful butterfly, and several sandwiches made to look like popular cartoon characters. Very fun to look through! I can't recommend browsing this website on an empty stomach.

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