Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mid-Week in Early November


- Stay informed. Have you watched your local evening news lately? Read a newspaper (whether the paper version or online) and watched a national news program lately?

- Take a quick peek in your cupboard (unless you remember everything from last month when we took inventory). Are you doing ok on soups, hot cereals, hot teas, hot cocoa, spiced apple cider mix?

- Maintenance cleaning: Pick a floor, whether it be bathroom, kitchen or wherever, and mop it if needed.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Family room

I cleaned my upstairs living room yesterday, so tonight is the downstairs Family Room. (If you have only one living room, you have the night off! Lucky you!)

I need to move all the furniture and vacuum under it. I can't move my television (and the heavy table it stands on) by myself, so I'll try to do my best vacuuming under them with the vacuum attachments.

The TV has to be dusted, throws laundered, curtains Febrezed, end tables and bookcases dusted. There's a vase of dead flowers that needs to be removed, and I'll put away my Halloween coasters and replace them with burgundy beaded ones. I'll dust the few picture frames and knicknacks I have on my end table and mantel.

The fireplace mantel is cluttered with empty candleholders and used matches from the candles we burn, and I need to scrape some spilled wax off of the bricks. Fun!

The sliding glass door needs to have fingerprints washed off of it (plus paw and nose prints from the cats). Pillows need to be fluffed, and couches vacuumed.

I use a tray in place of a coffee table. It needs to be dusted thoroughly. I also have some clutter I need to remove, throw away or find a new home for.

I'll finish by spritzing the room with L'Occitane home spray.

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