Monday, November 09, 2009

A New Week Begins

What I'm drinking today: Twinings Blackcurrant Breeze Tea (available at


- Is it time to get your snow tires put on your car? I have an appointment to do this tomorrow. I need to have snow tires on before winter because my grandparents live a snowy 3 hour drive away. Both fall ill regularly and need visitors.

- Make meal plans for the week; create grocery shopping list

- Need to wrap and label any Christmas gifts tonight?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Overall Cleaning

Tonight is my "stay at home and be cozy night." I want to make time for some baking, magazine reading, and TV watching for relaxation. But first, I'm doing a quick once-over on almost every room of the house. This way I can have fun going out to dinner on Wednesday and Friday this week and not worry about any housecleaning projects.

I'll be vacuuming, laundering and swapping out tablecloths in my dining room and breakfast nook, emptying trash cans, sanitizing toilets and bathroom sinks, sweeping the entryway and porch, mopping the kitchen and breakfast nook floor, and decluttering living rooms.

I feel like I spent all weekend cleaning and recleaning the kitchen, so it's fortunately one of the two rooms of the house I don't need to do something about (the recently-cleaned guest room being the other).

LOVELY BLOGS: The Well Appointed House

This blog belongs to an online home decor store. I expected it to be full of blog posts just merely enticing people to buy products from the store, but it's actually chock full of interior decoration knowledge. Recent posts have included info about the quatrefoil architectural element, celebrity inspired interiors, wedding registry gift suggestions, and some fashion related posts. I appreciate that there's actual ideas, tips and inspiration here besides just commercial messages.

LOVELY TV: Food Network Challenge: Sesame Street Cakes

My nephews love looking at cake decorating books with me. Tonight we'll enjoy watching the Food Network "Sesame Street Cakes" challenge. I'll bake mini cupcakes with the boys so we won't get too hungry while watching the show! I'll also have toys on standby in case they get bored with the show halfway through.

Sesame Street Cakes, at Food Network


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