Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A Surprisingly Warm Day

A mini bread bowl made out of a sourdough roll, with vegetarian chili inside

I'm throwing a small party tonight for a few friends - they're coming over for a simple meal of chili in bread bowls, and to watch the premiere of "V". It's hard to believe, but I am standing coatless in my backyard in the sunshine, picking fresh mint out of my garden!


- Do you need to light a fire under someone in your family to rake leaves? I'll be raking leaves tomorrow. There is just a loose covering of them on the lawn, but I don't want it to get worse (or wet or muddier) before I start dealing with it.

- If you plan to have a holiday party for friends/co-workers, it's time to start looking at dates. Announce your party as soon as possible. With only five Fridays and four Saturdays in the month of December, people's social schedules can fill up quite quickly.

- Speaking of looking ahead at the holidays, do you have your Thanksgiving travel plans set, or have you invited people to your home yet?


Since I'm throwing a party tonight, I'll be busy cooking and cleaning so I can't do a major maintenance cleaning project today. Instead, before I go to bed I'll do some sorting.

Pick two drawers to sort tonight, whether they be kitchen drawers, nightstands, home office, bedroom, bathroom or "junk drawers." I'm sorting two drawers of miscellaneous hair clips, perfumes, razors, hair bands, lipsticks, curling irons, and deodorants from my bathroom cabinet.

Throw away as much as possible from whatever drawers you are sorting. Add nice items to your Yard Sale storage box; add usable nice things to your Give to Charity box. Then as you put what's left (useful or beautiful) back into the drawers, and replace it in an organized fashion. Try to declutter as much as possible.

I'm lucky all my drawers, though wood, are easy to remove and light enough to take with me, so I can sort in front of the TV - it really helps me bribe myself to get it done!

LOVELY BLOGS: Feeding My Enthusiasms

I never can resist nice food blogs with good pictures and clear recipes. This one is currently drooling over Costco pumpkin pies, sharing a recipe for Pumpkin Spice Fairy Cakes, and showing off chocolate-dipped late season strawberries.


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