Monday, November 23, 2009

Three Days Until Thanksgiving

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- Need to go grocery shopping for the week? I highly recommend doing it before Wednesday afternoon, and avoiding stores on Wednesday and Thursday if you can help it. Crowded, crowded!

- Fill up with gas if needed, so if you have to go out doing errands this week you won't have to stop for gas.

- Do you have a fireplace? Have wood for festive fires for this week? Especially if you have company coming over.

- Speaking of keeping warm, your guests might not be used to the temperature you keep your home. If you keep it cold, be sure there are plenty of blankets, warm socks and clean slippers to offer.

- Doing ok on coffee and tea to serve guests? Or to keep yourself caffeinated while you cook?

- Need to write any Thanksgiving cards to mail out soon?

- Visit the bank or post office tomorrow or Wednesday, before the holiday, if needed.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Thanksgiving Prep

Use this time to pack, cook, bake, learn a new recipe, clean the house, write holiday cards, spend time talking about gratitude with your children, read books together, have a game night with your family, sort the pantry, go shopping, or do other pre-holiday things you might need to get done.

Don't forget to build yourself in a little "sit down and relax" time, whether you spend it in a hot bath, a rocking chair, or on your couch idly flipping through magazines.

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