Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thursday in Autumn

Autumn Apple candle, from Bath & Body Works. Currently burning in my kitchen.


- Time to turn over and rotate our mattresses! It's a good idea to do this twice a year - usually corresponding with the time change. It helps keep the mattress wear even. While I'm turning and flipping the mattress, I will vacuum both sides of it, move the bed and vacuum under it too. This task takes less than ten minutes.

- Need to run a load of mid-week laundry so it doesn't all pile up for you this weekend? I've already run mine, and I'm saving my folding for my 4pm snack break.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Dressing Down and Decluttering

Today I'm cleaning off all sorts of surfaces in my house. Dressers, bookcases, wall shelves, end tables, nightstands, and the tops of bookcases. I'll also take a minute to wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters, which seem to need this service on an almost daily basis.

I am doing this project today because my bedroom dresser and hope chest are so ridiculously cluttered. They shouldn't have anything on them besides the TV, cable box, the stack of four books I'm reading right now, and perhaps one or two knickknacks at the most. Maybe a scarf to dress them up, and a candle and vase of flowers. Something attractive and not too cluttery.

Instead, my dresser is overflowing with books, DVD cases, video game CDs for my laptop, my camera cable, a battery charger for something I don't even own anymore, personal letters (which I have a perfectly good storage system in place for), a couple journals and diaries I'm not writing in anymore and should archive, a jewelry box full of clutter I don't look at or use, photographs I should put away in storage, and some stationery I'm obviously not using up very fast.

My bookcases also have cluttery knicknacks on them, instead of one or two well-chosen ones. And my nightstand is suddenly overflowing with hair clips, pens, post it notes, and discarded drink glasses.

Time to declutter, sort, put things away, dust thoroughly, and edit which items I have sitting on top of bookcases and surfaces. I'd like to just have a scarf (or other fabric decoration) on top of a bookcase. On end tables, I like to have a couple coasters for drinks, a candle and a framed family photo or two.

This project will make my house cleaner (less dusty), more organized, less cluttery, and more relaxing.


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