Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas (assuming you celebrate it?) If you're traveling, are you packed and do you have emergency snacks and/or food with you?

If you're hosting, is your house clean and ready to go? Baking done? Groceries shopped for? Done wrapping presents?


- If you're staying home for the holidays, check with area friends and family to be sure they have somewhere to go on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Invite them over if they don't.

- Mail out any remaining holiday cards you might have left.

Need to bring in extra firewood from outdoors?

- Sort out and organize your hot beverage supplies so you're ready to make hot coffee in the mornings, hot chocolate in the evenings, and hot tea in the afternoons.

- Go to the bank or post office if needed, before they close for the holiday

- Need to hit the grocery store so you aren't running down there frantically for something on Christmas Eve?

- Any laundry that needs doing?

- Check out the weather forecast before traveling or just so you know what to expect.

- Set a holiday book or two on your coffee table as conversation pieces.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Christmas Preparations

Without getting stressed about it, do whatever things you need to get done before the holiday. Pack luggage if needed, wrap remaining presents, bake foods for family members, water Christmas tree if needed. Fill stockings for the children if you haven't already.

Whisk through your house tidying it for the holiday. With extra family coming and going, my house definitely is getting dirty much faster than normal. I have extra trash to empty, bathrooms that need cleaning more frequently, and every carpeted room needs vacuuming. I need to sweep my entryway (Christmas tree needles, leaves and dirt) and mop it (muddy boots).

Remove clutter and things like newspapers, magazines, drinking glasses, plates and utensils from rooms of the house where they've wandered. Remove items from stairs and put them in their proper homes. Hang up coats, launder and put away mittens and gloves if needed. Straighten pillows and fold throw blankets, wipe off TV remotes and replace them where they belong. I don't know about you, but we have a huge pile of DVDs that need to be replaced in their cases and put back on their bookshelf.

Assign someone in your family to shovel your walks and driveway if needed. This is good exercise, too! Rounds of hot chocolate for all when they are done!

LOVELY BOOKS: Christmas Poems and Pictures

I found this charming 1864 book on Google Books. It's a book of Christmas poems, songs, and carols. I thought you might have fun reading through "Christmas in the Olden Time" by Sir Walter Scott, William Makepeace Thackeray's "The Mahogany Tree," and Coleridge's "A Christmas Carol."

Christmas Poems and Pictures, at Google Books


Oprah's Holiday Food and Party Planner (

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