Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Almost the End of December


- Need to pay any end-of-the-month bills?

- Do laundry, changing sheets on beds if needed

- Pick out a pretty party dress for New Year's Eve. Even if you're staying home! Try it on to be sure it's clean and fits. Find shoes, stockings, jewelry and accessories so you'll have them out for tomorrow.

- Make family phone calls today if needed. Any relatives you forgot to call over the holidays?

- Write thank-you notes for Christmas presents


My house is in good shape going into the New Year, except for my three bathrooms. They all need mirrors wiped, sinks and toilets sterilized, bathtub scrubbed, shower scrubbed, floors mopped, hand towels and rugs laundered, and baseboards dusted.

I also have some cluttery things in the bathrooms, like too many candles, perfume bottles, empty vases, and old magazines to get rid of. The trash needs to be taken out, and I need to refill the toilet paper emergency restocking supplies I keep under the counter.

This is not a glamorous project today, but a very important one.

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