Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas Tree Decorating

What I'm enjoying using in the shower this month: Merry Cranberry Shower Gel, from The Body Shop

Today some cousins are arriving to help me put up and decorate my Christmas trees. I'm splurging a bit this year, craving festive decor. I'll have a large tree in my upstairs living room window, and then a small potted living tree in the downstairs living room. In spring we will plant it in my back yard.

Tonight we'll play our " Santa Claus is Comin to Town" movie in the room we're working in. We'll have a fire going, plus popcorn and hot chocolate to sustain us.

There are five boxes of ornaments to paw through, selecting only our very favorites for each tree. The downstairs tree is much smaller, so our tiniest ornaments will probaly end up there. The ornaments we don't hang will go back into storage in my garage. I've been doing a pretty good job of not buying any more new ornaments the last couple years - we have more than enough!


- Make menu plans for the week, and add items to grocery list as needed.

- Wrap a couple presents tonight if you need to, and write out as many holiday cards as you can.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Christmas Tree Decorating

After my Christmas tree gets put up, and people have been baking in the kitchen, I know already that I am going to have to devote time to my floors tonight. The living room and family room will need needles vacuumed out of them, and the porch and front entryway will need to be swept.

The kitchen, of course, will need to be defloured with a mop after all the cookie baking that will go on tonight.


This blog is by a designer of home accessories. She's also a mom who loves to travel and entertain. She has an Etsy store, but doesn't just post ads for her things on the blog. Instead, you're treated to a look at her holiday mantel, the first snowfall to hit her home this year, her Christmas cones, and some handmade Santas she found at a craft show a couple years ago.

I think you will like looking through the pictures on her blog. I'm not sure I'm all that crazy about the idea of burlap Christmas stockings - but hers look simply sweet.


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