Saturday, December 19, 2009

Counting Down Til Christmas

Seven days until Christmas!

Don't forget to make time every day for yourself. Insist on giving yourself some "down time." Even if it's just ten minutes, you can put your feet up, relax, and do something just for you for a few moments. Read a magazine, sip hot chocolate, write in your journal, meditate, or call a friend.


- Need to shovel any walks? Or better yet, force a husband, boyfriend or teenager to do it? Muwahahaa.

- Fluff up your bedroom. Take just a few minutes to make the bed, whisk away magazines and books, dust the nightstand and lamp, replace drinking glasses with fresh water, carry out unneeded dishes to the kitchen, throw away old flowers, put away pens and notepads. Pick up clothing, hang it up or put it in your laundry basket.

- Read a holiday-themed book with your children tonight, in addition to their normal bedtime reading.

- If you celebrate Christmas, treat yourself to some Christmas-themed web surfing. Read up on the Christmas customs of other countries, revisit old Christmas stories, enjoy looking through Christmas recipes and crafts, and maybe peek at some Christmas webcams.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Getting Ready for New Clutter

Got kids? Clean out your kids' closets and toy boxes (preferably with their help) to make room for Christmas presents. Donate clothes and toys that are still in good condition; throw away the rest of the outgrown toys and clothes that aren't nice enough to give away.

I don't have kids, but I will be cleaning out my guest bedroom closet and putting some more work into my own clothes closet. I don't expect to receive any clothes as gifts for Christmas, but it seems I never quite catch up with sorting. I sorted it recently, but just yesterday was able to find a ratty old sweater to give up on and throw away.

I'll also be sorting out my Christmas gift wrapping closet, which is a disaster zone right now. There are empty cardboard tubes that need to be recycled, snippings from ribbons, scraps of paper, tape, glitter to vacuum up and various velvet and fake flower trimmings to put back away.


This article from has adorable ideas for festive holiday goodies. There are recipes for edible snowmen cupcakes, creamy truffle "ice cubes," white hot chocolate, a brownie tree, a Santa Claus cake, and other fun ideas.

Festive Winter Holiday Treats

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