Sunday, December 06, 2009

Family Night

Just treated myself to this cute retro-styled book of Christmas celebration ideas. It's written for ages 9-12 but useful to adults too.

Tonight is Family Night at my house. Just a simple dinner and time spent together. I'm wishing I'd thought to invite some cousins with three small children who live across town - but it's such a busy time of year, I suppose they wouldn't have had time to come anyways.


- Refrigerator/freezer maintenance - Time to do our weekly cleaning of one shelf, one drawer, or two door shelves. This way our fridges are fully cleaned a minimum of once per month.

- Is there a family member you should give a catchup phone call to this evening? I like doing this long before Christmas so they don't think it's an obligatory "It's the holidays so I guess I really should call you" call.

- Do a quick sort-through on your fruit bowl and bread basket. Anything you need to throw out? I have to say goodbye to an apple we didn't eat fast enough, the end of an old loaf of bread, a sad looking yam we didn't make on Thanksgiving, and a weird looking garlic bulb.

- Catch up with your laundry, if needed, so you don't have big piles that carry into next week.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Tackling Something Big

Before my family members arrive, I will do a housecleaning project.

What needs most to be done in your house? Do you need to do a whole bunch of little maintenance decluttering and straightening, or do you need to attack an entire room or a big project? Give yourself time today - but don't get so focused on the cleaning you make yourself crazy or don't have time for your family.

Today the project I need to do most I think is my bathroom. The shower needs scrubbing, and I might as well do the toilet too while I'm there, a bit of preventative maintenance. My bath towels are looking a little sad, so I'll launder them and my bath mat. The floor needs to be mopped, and my bathroom sink and counters cleaned off.

Tonight when I take my before-bed shower, I'll be enjoying it in a sparkling clean bathroom.


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