Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Beauty

Today I'm doing some beauty related chores so I will look my best for the holidays. I am going to a holiday party tonight, so I have a fun excuse to dress up and look festive.


- Do a quick pick-up of whichever room in your home needs it the most. Remove clutter, do a quick sweep, mop or vacuum, dust quickly, and generally turn the room back the way you prefer it to look.

- Any mid-week laundry to do?

- Have you taken your vitamins this week?

- Were you able to carve out (and enforce) a quiet evening at home this week? It works wonders for preserving sanity during the holidays.

- Do you have an "emergency contacts" phone number list posted on paper in your house? For babysitters or your kids to use in case they need to get ahold of relatives? Time to update the list and make sure the info is current. Do you have your contacts' cell, work and home phones all listed?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Holiday Beauty

What would make you feel you look extra special for the holidays? I need to retouch my roots with my current hair dye, give myself a manicure and pedicure (to save $50 and 2 hours, though the pampering would be nice), clean up my eyebrow area (but not too much plucking), and give myself a thorough sugar scrub in the shower tonight.

Do you need to shave, moisturize, scrub your skin, wear a face mask, go to bed with lotion in your socks, or work on any problem areas like heels and elbows?

Any favorite perfumes you like to wear this time of year that you haven't made time to get out and make available for daily use? Need to throw out any messy, cruddy lipsticks or lipglosses? Have any glittery eyeshadow or lotion that will make you feel extra festive?

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