Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hope you all have wonderful, stress-free holidays!

In January I'll be writing about winter projects (Photo album sorting, etc) and some personal growth challenges we might think of taking on.

Christmas Activity Suggestions:

It can be hard to be cooped up in the house with houseguests and relatives for several days, even if you love them dearly and get along great. However, try to find a balance so people don't feel stressed or pressured with all the outdoor activities too. Sometimes it IS good to be a bit cooped up indoors for a peaceful evening.

Try to find things to do that will get people out of the house often. It's a bit tricky with cold weather, rain and snow, but you can always bundle people up into an SUV.

- Play board games, do puzzles and make crafts with family members while cooped indoors.

- Look at old photo albums together and watch funny family videos.

- Drive around at night looking at Christmas lights.

- Visit a tourist attraction in your city (Check their webpages first to see when they're open). Try the zoo, an aquarium, museums.

- Go to a movie, a time-honored tradition.

- Go to after-Christmas sales.

- Visit the animals at a shelter (But agree before you go that nobody's bringing one home as a Christmas present for someone else! Pets should be adopted long before or long after holidays, not as a surprise present)

- Go sledding, ice skating or skiing.

- Make a family project to go shovel snow at an elderly neighbor's house

- Light a fire in the fireplace and tell spooky stories.

- Make a treasure hunt in your yard, bundle the kids up and have them go hunt for goodies.

- If you still have company when the libraries re-open, take the kids to the library for Story Hour. Your local big chain bookstore may have some events, too.

- Send a few people to the grocery store, and have a big group cooking activity when they get back with their purchases.

- Try group-activity games such as karaoke and Wii games.

- Get out someone's camcorder and make a funny family movie to send to other relatives later.


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