Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday in December


- Pay any mid-month bills, if needed

- Plan menus for the week and create grocery shopping list

- Need to replace any burned out light bulbs?

- Christmas Eve is 10 days away.

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TODAY'S PROJECT: All Over Tidying

Though I've tried really hard to maintain the house in a clean condition and do projects every day to keep it that way, it needs some extra tidying help right now.

I went out of town last week. When I came back, I tried to view my house through the eyes of a stranger walking in for the first time. I saw kitty paw prints on the front entryway floor, a coat draped over the couch, too many pairs of shoes by the front door, and empty candle holders stacked on the dining table. The living room coffee table has too many magazines piled on it, and the fireplace doors need to be scrubbed.

In the kitchen, I noticed the microwave was dirty, my stovetop needs polishing, and we're out of paper towels.

The hallway leading to the bedroom needs to be vacuumed due to cat hair, and there are Christmas presents and wrapping supplies in the downstairs living room. The gifts should be put away under the tree and the paper should be put into the gift wrap storage box.

What little projects do you need to complete today to whip your house into shape for the holidays?

LOVELY BLOGS: Lovely Little Things

I think you'll enjoy peering into the life and thoughts of this Seattle elementary school teacher. Currently she's sharing absolutely gorgeous photos of the waterfalls at Snoqualmie Falls (near where I live too), linking to the video for my favorite Christmas song ("Christmas Wrappings" by the Waitresses), and showing us some things she recommends as stocking stuffers and holiday gifts. She also points out an interesting documentary called "Babies" that I hadn't heard of.

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