Saturday, January 02, 2010

January Begins

The "Sweet Cherry" candle I bought myself from L'Occitane as a post-holiday gift. Burning it today in my bedroom!

I returned home from my travels (sadly, a funeral) last night. I'm eager to start a new, fresh, better year. And it's great to be home!


- Pay bills, mortgage, rent, etc.

- Do fridge/freezer maintenance - clean one shelf, one drawer, or two door shelves thoroughly.

- Look over your calendar for this month. Do you need to make any doctor, dentist or veterinarian appointments for you, your family members and pets? Any upcoming birthdays you need to plan parties for, send cards or gifts, or order flowers for?

- Do you need to make any hair care appointments for yourself or family members? If you color your hair, do you have roots showing? Does your hair need a trim you didn't have time for before the holidays?

- Do your carpets need cleaning after the holidays?

- If you made New Year's Resolutions, make time to think about them, review goals, and do them. Write them down for posterity.

- Buy fresh fruit next time you are at the grocery store (Apples? pears? bananas? oranges?). Slice and serve the fruit to yourself, your family and roommates before the weekend is over. One of my smaller New Year's resolutions is to stop wasting fruit because I bring it home, wash it off, display it proudly in my fruit bowl and then never make the time to slice and serve it.

- Need to update the copyright notices on your webpages or blogs to 2010?

- Need to upload any pics from your New Year's to Facebook or your blog?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Calendar Updating

Today I'm copying over birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates from my old 2009 calendars into my new 2010 ones.

I keep a paper wall calendar in my kitchen, one in my office, and a small diary in my purse. I also use Yahoo reminder services to email me about birthdays. I might also put a few important birthdays into my cell phone's calendar, too.

Besides noting that it's someone's birthday, I try to add what age they'll turn on that day, whenever possible.

I need to make a conscious effort to check my calendars each month and each week for upcoming birthdays. That way I'll have plenty of time to order flowers, send a gift, send a card, or schedule in time to make a congratulatory telephone call.

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