Monday, February 01, 2010

First Day of February

Starting off the new month with a new lovely, fresh-smelling hand soap for the bathrooms: Method Home's Water Flower


Imbolc - February 1

Candlemas/Brigid's Day - February 2

Superbowl Sunday - February 7

Chinese New Year - February 14

Valentine's Day - February 14

President's Day - February 15

Mardi Gras - February 16

Easter - April 4

Which holidays and celebrations are you looking forward to taking part in? Are you hosting any parties or events?


- Look over upcoming birthdays in the next month. Write cards, arrange to have gifts or flowers sent.

- Pay bills, mortgage/rent, etc.

- Make upcoming dentist, doctor, veterinarian, and salon appointments for the month for yourself and family members.

- Make menu plans for the week, and create grocery list.

- Laundry done so you're going into the workweek with clean clothes, empty laundry baskets and a clean, tidy laundry room? Sleeping on fresh clean sheets tonight?

Burgundy pillar candles, at Cost Plus World Market


As it's winter, I'm using my fireplace quite often. Not to heat my home, but to make it cozy and cheerful. Especially when my college student comes home on the bus from a long 7am-8pm day. I like to have a warm fire lit and candles burning when she arrives home in the dark.

So today my project is to clean out the ashes, vacuum the carpet around the fireplace, and wash the glass fireplace windows. The windows is the most time consuming part, as they get quite smoky. When I'm done washing them, I'll load wood into the fire ready to light later tonight. Next I'll replenish the wood, kindling and matches I keep next to the fireplace, from their storage place in the garage.
I will replace the burned out candle on the mantel with a fresh new one (a deep burgundy red, for the upcoming Valentine's Day) waiting to light when it gets dark tonight.


Watching a TV show about chocolate last night made me start craving it, and this blog I'm exploring only makes it worse! Currently featuring reviews of Singaporean nut and rice crisps, Romany Creams from South Africa, the Soma Chocolatemaker Exploration Box, and Ballantyne Exotics Luscious Berries. My morning oatmeal is suddenly seeming quite inadequate and boring!

LOVELY TELEVISION: Little Chocolatiers

I just checked this show out last night and enjoyed it quite a bit. I'm fascinated by chocolate making anyways, and the "little people" who run this chocolate shop are fun, nice people. Upcoming shows will feature them creating a life-size pool table made of chocolate, a chocolate flower garden, a game of Russian Roulette featuring chocolate chili peppers, a log cabin made of chocolate, and other creations.

Little Chocolatiers, at TLC

The Little Chocolatiers, on Facebook


In Uncertain Times, Growing Your Own Food is Fashionable Again (Seattle Times)

Mix & Mingle: A Valentine's Party for Singles (Epicurious)

New Orleans Sweets (Epicurious)

Snacks: A Whole New World of Treats (Boston Globe)

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