Wednesday, March 31, 2010

End of March


- Do you pack lunches for your children? Want to surprise them ahead of Easter, with a few cute surprises tucked into their lunch bags or lunchboxes? If so, put some thought into what little Easter-themed treats you might add and where you might find them this week.

- How are your nails looking? Need to remove polish, add polish, trim, file?

- Look back over the month of March. Were you able to get everything done that you wanted to? Was your life in balance, between family, work, friends, taking care of yourself, caring for pets, cleaning your home, doing projects, crafting, gardening, and down time?

- Take a brisk walk around your neighborhood, and enjoy seeing the daffodils, tulips, crocus, and hyacinths that may be in bloom.

- Hot chocolate season is almost over. Soon it will be too warm to fully enjoy rich hot drinks. Have a cup of nice hot chocolate while you still want to.

- Read a book and write in your journal tonight. Last night I was too tired and fell asleep - I spent too much time watching TV before bed. I enjoyed it, but I know I would enjoy a book more. Tonight, less TV!

TODAY'S PROJECT: Spring Cleaning Doors and Floors

Today I wiped down both sides of all 14 doors in my house. (Don't forget closet doors too, especially those that slide open). Mine are wood, so can be dusted. Only one of the doors has been painted white, which requires extra scrubbing to get greasy fingerprints off. One of the doors is the glassed-in door to my kitchen, so it needs to be Windexed too.

Although most of my doors don't visibly look dirty or dusty, it's amazing how shiny and clean they'll look (and smell) when I get done and step back later today to look at them.

I'm also going to be cleaning all the floors in the house. Carpets will be thoroughly vacuumed, a daily task now that I have two puppies. When I'm done, I'll empty the canister on my Dyson so it's ready to go for next time.

Bathrooms and laundry room need to be mopped; the wood floors in my kitchen, dining and entry will be vacuumed then mopped.

I'm hosting a baby shower on Saturday, so all this floor cleaning will help me feel more relaxed about getting ready for it.

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