Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning Delays

Victor, one of the two puppies I recently adopted

Spring came early this year. Snowdrops and my cherry trees are blooming in my yard. Sunlight is streaming through my office window.

This week I'll be putting away my heavier blanket throws, changing out my red pillows in the living room for pink and purple ones, and using freesia body wash instead of cranberry spice.

Although I'm pretty much sick of winter and looking forward to spring, I do want to make sure I'm fully enjoying winter while it's still here. I'll be burning fires in my fireplace a lot this week while it's still cool enough to do so, drinking lots of hot chocolate, and maybe having a fondue party.

And with sunnier, warmer weather on the way, I'm concerned about all my winter projects I haven't finished yet. Do you have crafts projects, journals, writing projects, letters to write, recipes to try, photos to sort or scrapbook, or other indoor activities you should get done before warm weather tempts you outdoors?

It's time to begin Spring Cleaning. I'd much rather Spring Clean now while it's still generally rainy, cold and foggy outside. In about a month when it's sunny enough to sit out on the porch with a book or magazine, I can relax knowing my big yearly chore is already done.

I generally start my spring cleaning a lot sooner. Here it's already almost the middle of the month. My new puppies have been very distracting with their cuteness and their begging to play. But also they've majorly increased the time I spend cleaning the carpet, vacuuming, and doing laundry. That's slowing me down from my planned Spring Cleaning schedule.

Over the next two weeks, I'll share my struggles and challenges with you as I finish my Spring Cleaning.


- Daylight Saving Time was last night. Have you updated all your clocks, computers, and the clock in your car?

- We generally use Daylight Saving Time to remind ourselves to change batteries in our smoke detectors and flip our mattresses.

- Take inventory of your cleaning supplies. Do you have window/glass cleaner, kitchen and bathroom sanitizers, Febreze (if you use that kind of thing), sanitizing wipes, floor wash, mopping supplies, dusting spray/wood oil, sink scrub, paper towels, clean rags, bleach, stainless steel polish, silver polish, trash bags, bathroom mildew removers? Any products you have TOO much of that you can get rid of or use up? Anything you need to add to your shopping list?

- Allergy season will soon be in full swing. Do you need to make an appointment with your allergist, refill a prescription, or stock up on any over-the-counter allergy meds?

- Treat yourself to a $3 bouquet of tulips for your kitchen, or a 99 cent potted primrose or two, for your porch or deck.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Spring Cleaning Part 1: Windows/Blinds/Curtains

Let's make sure our windows are able to let in as much spring sunlight as possible. Remove and launder or dry clean all curtains in the house; wash windows; then replace. While you're there, might as well dust any wood frames and windowsills you might have around your windows.

If it helps, count your windows and break the task up with rewards (not food rewards, but things like TV time, longer bath time, a quick magazine read). I have only fourteen windows, but three of them are huge sizes that cover one entire wall.

If you have blinds or miniblinds, wash as many as you can today. These often chat can be a huge task. Make a note, if you have broken or missing levers in your blinds, to replace that blind with a new one sometime in this next year. (Or call your apartment management if you live in a well-run complex; they may replace them for you).

If you are unable to remove your curtains, at least Febreze them and whack them with a broom to dust them (if you and your guests don't have allergies).

LOVELY FOOD: Tea Forte's Tea Truffles

I think these Tea Truffles, new from Tea Forte, are the perfect gift for a man. Masculine looking, and not too sweet. I'm sending some as a thank-you to someone I owe gratitude to.

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