Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Cleaning Your Closet, Part 2

My new primrose garden, in front of my house

Today I'm finishing sorting my closet for Spring. I'm putting away my velvet pants and velvet skirts, and getting out cooler, lighter, more flowing tops and skirts.


- We're halfway through the week. Have you eaten a sit-down meal with family this week? Taken your vitamins? Gone for a walk?

- Made plans for Easter yet, if this is a holiday you celebrate? It's celebrated on April third this year.

- Take inventory of your pet food and medicine supplies. Need to buy any pet related food or items?

- Do you have enough of the right kinds of hangers for your closet? Need to pick anything up to make your closet cleaning job easier today?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Spring Closet Cleaning, Part 2

Tonight I'll finish up what's left from yesterday's project. I have several tops and skirts I need to try on to be sure they fit. I have laundry that was washed last night and needs to be hung up or folded and put away. There are four pairs of shoes to try on to be sure they are still comfortable. And, sadly, it's time to sort my bras - and try them on. Ugh.

I'll pay attention to problem areas that happen in my closet: my comfy PJs end up clustered on top of a storage box, rather than folded and put away, and I tend to collect a pile of pants within easy reach when I dress in the morning. Those should be hung up on their proper pants hangers.

When I finish tonight, I'll lay out a specially pretty new dress to wear out to dinner tomorrow night.

LOVELY BLOGS: Room Mom 101

This blog is chock full of great ideas for room moms (and teachers, too!) She's posting about rainbow cupcakes, teacher appreciation ideas, displaying kids' artwork, and making bulletin board decorations. Lots of fun things to look at here!

LOVELY FOOD: Easter Gummy Bunnies

New from Williams-Sonoma, Sour Gummy Bunnies. I'm giving a couple bags of these to friends as Easter gifts. The flavors include Key lime, lemon and pink grapefruit.


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