Friday, April 23, 2010

April Weekend Approaches

A nice leisurely weekend stretches before us. One with no major holidays to prepare for, nice spring weather for many parts of the country, and plenty of time to relax and rejuvenate ourselves. What will you do to take advantage of your weekend?


- Try a 5 minute bathroom cleanup in all bathrooms of your home. Empty trash, refill toilet paper if needed, wipe mirrors and counters, sweep or spot-clean floor, wipe toilet seat, change out hand towels.

- Is your kitchen tidied and ready to go for the weekend? Dishwasher emptied?

- Need to fill up with gas or get cash from an ATM for your weekend?

- Have you made arrangements to see friends or family this weekend? Scheduled fun time with your sweetheart or your kids?

- Throw out any dead plants or flowers, and replace with fresh ones for the weekend. I avoided restaurants every day this week, so I think I can squeak $3 out of my budget for a bouquet of pink tulips.

- Sweep entryway; put away shoes if you have an accumulation by the front door like I do.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Cupboard or Cabinet

I'm going to a movie tonight after work ( Kick-Ass, if you must know!) So I don't have time for a major project tonight.

But I want to keep on top of my housekeeping by not letting things slide. So in the interest of maintenance, I'm going to sort out a junky bathroom cabinet. It holds extra shampoos, conditioners and shower gels that I'm hoarding in case I run out and can't get to the store; the extra bathroom rug I swap out at laundry time; a humidifier; and women's supplies. I don't think I'll find extra cluttery stuff in there that I need to throw out, but I need to reorganize everything and dust the cabinet thoroughly inside and out. I'll also get a better idea of what exactly I have on hand, so I won't feel the need to panic at the grocery store tomorrow and buy a bunch of shampoos.

Do you have a cabinet or cupboard you can sort out tonight that will make you feel like your house is a bit cleaner and a bit more organized before you leave to do something fun tonight?


Tired of dragging a boring brown paper bag with you for lunch? Check out these adorable bird, cabin and diner-themed insulated lunch bags. So cute! They're from Jane Jenni.

LOVELY BLOGS: Making Arrangements

I just discovered this fantastic interior styling and party ideas blog. What initially attracted my interest was this incredible post on a Joan Walsh Anglund themed party for children. (Joan Walsh Anglund is a children's illustrator who was popular in the 1970s when I was a little girl. I had several beloved paper dolls, stickers and books by her.)

Recent posts include decorating with birdcages; light and airy designer bedrooms; and how to look like a fashion diva without trying too hard. See if you don't get distracted and "waste" fifteen minutes here today. (I don't think it's a waste to read blogs full of beautiful photos and great ideas!)


I love the concept of this store. Red Candy sells only items that are predominantly red. It's a UK shop, so it's relatively safe for me to browse around here without worrying about going crazy shopping - I don't want to pay the shipping or worry about currency conversion! I love their red Guzzini kitchenware, and I'm enjoying looking around at their red teapots. A fun browse!


I'm intrigued to check out this show because it is centered around a catering company. I probably have enough TV shows to watch right now, but I can't resist in case there is kitchen porn and food photography! The second season starts April 23.

Party Down (Official)

Party Down, at Wikipedia


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