Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Winds Down

I treated myself to this blue hydrangea plant. Until I replant it outdoors, it sits on my breakfast nook table, where we drink tea in the morning.

Did you accomplish everything you wanted to this month? Finished the projects you started? Spent some time alone, time with friends, quality time with family? Exercised, ate well, stuck to your budget? Think over your past month, and make goals for next month, as May begins soon.


- Do any mid-week laundry that's piled up.

- Prepare for your weekend a bit early. Do a quick sweep through the house, whisking away damp towels, bringing dishes and drinking glasses back to the kitchen, watering houseplants, emptying trash cans, filling or emptying the dishwasher as needed, and giving a quick vacuum to the rooms that need it.

- Go for a walk if the weather is nice tonight - even if that means giving up some TV time.

- Did you read a newspaper or watch the news at all this week? Local news as well as countrywide or international? Are you kept up on current events? If not, use time tonight to catch up with what's going on in your area and the rest of the world.

- Need to charge any cell phones, cameras, or MP3 players tonight?


I'm having company over tonight. It won't be nice enough to eat outdoors, but I might be able to coax them outside after dinner if I turn on my patio heater and light a cozy fire in my fire pit. Setting out rocks glasses with bourbon or tiny glasses of ruby port might help tempt people outside!

This afternoon I'm hosing down and sweeping off my back patio, getting it ready for the coming nicer weather. Time to throw out some dead plants I have sitting out neglected. I have some slimy mold I need to scrub off some of the wood, too. I've already hosed off my patio cushions, and they're drying in the limited sunshine available to me today.

I'll finish by Windexing the glass patio tables, cleaning off the outdoor furniture, wiping down the tiles around my fire pit table, and relaxing outdoors for a bit before my guests arrive. Even if I have to wear a jacket to do so!

LOVELY BLOGS: Party Perfect

I always love party inspiration blogs. This one is particularly well researched and full of fun things to look at. Currently Sara is blogging about a rustic baby shower, a magical forest dinner party, a Lego-themed party for a five year old, and a pioneer-themed kids' party.

LOVELY FRAGRANCE: Fresh's Petite Perfumes

These one ounce jars of perfume are expensive, at $32. But you just use a dab or two from your fingertips to layer your fragrance. Great for traveling - pop one into your cosmetics bag. My favorite is the citrusy "Hesperides."


I'm tempted by this lovely orange throw pillow from Z Gallerie. It's not an outdoor pillow though, so I'd have to check to be sure it goes with my summery indoor decor. Their other spring pillows are really pretty, too. It's dangerous to look through their website!


I don't usually wear an apron in the kitchen (and I'll admit my clothing then smells like the onions I was sweating or the sweet potato fries I was frying!) These aprons from Carolyn's Kitchen are almost too adorable to wear - I'd be terrified of staining them! Love the vintage retro styling on them.


How to Decorate With Velvet (Casasugar)

Meringue-Themed Jewelry (Non Solo Kawaii)

Mother's Day Celebration Ideas, at

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