Monday, April 19, 2010

Pictures and Posters

An Erte poster I bought recently for my downstairs living room.

Today I'm removing all the artwork in my house to clean behind it. I'll move some different family photos into various rooms, just to switch things up a bit. I don't think I'll frame any photos of my puppies, but I'm going to want to put up a framed picture of my friend's new baby.

I'll also spend some time gathering the posters I want to have framed. They'll get ruined if they keep rolling around in my closet waiting to go to the framer's.


- Clean out your cosmetics bag (or box, trunk, purse, traincase, or wherever you keep the bulk of your makeup). Empty it out thoroughly and clean the inside and outside. Throw out any old cosmetics or cosmetics you don't actually truly use.

- Going to throw a Cinco de Mayo party? If so, time to start planning!

- Launder pet bed and bedding if needed

- Sort out your fruit bowl. Need to eat anything today? Throw anything out? Run to the store to replenish the fruit supply? Wash the fruit bowl?

- Make menu plans for the week, and create your grocery list.

- Think back to your meal habits last week. Did you eat breakfast every day? Did you skip lunch at all any day this week? If this is a problem area for you, like it is for many women, spend some time organizing better so you can eat all three meals tomorrow and every day next week.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Pictures and Posters

You'll be surprised how many spiders, spiderwebs, and dust bunnies can accumulate behind picture frames. Today I'm taking all mine down, dusting the backs, and wiping the fronts if they're glassed. I'll wipe the wall behind the picture, and use my Mr. Eraser if the wall is stained from dirt or candle soot. (I do burn a lot of candles!)

I'll spend a bit of time thinking about if I'm happy with the placement of my pictures. Am I tired of the painting over my fireplace? Would it look better in another room? Or is it good the way it is? Do I have any posters that would look better now that it's Spring? I'll also look at some of my blank walls - would they be better served if I actually got off my rear and got some of my unframed posters framed and on the walls? I need more family photos on the walls, too.

LOVELY BLOGS: Not Quite Nigella

I am blown away by the photography and imagery on this blog by a Sydney foodie. Currently, she's blogging about food bloggers and their obsessive hoarding of cookbooks (I can relate!), scrambled eggs with truffle salt, a progressive dinner she enjoyed in Salzburg, and sparkling bracelet cookies. I don't know how she has the time, creativity and energy to come up with such high quality, visually interesting and mentally stimulating posts on an almost daily basis!

LOVELY BOOKS: Every Day in Tuscany

I was delighted to see this continuation of Frances Mayes' memoirs. It's a beautiful read, evoking images of the Tuscan countryside, and really letting you feel what it's like to live in Italy. The book is peppered with delicious recipes she's learned from her Italian friends. Don't read the book while hungry!

I found it a very relaxing and calming read while I was in a hospital waiting room over the weekend - excitedly awaiting the birth of my best friend's new baby girl!

Every Day in Tuscany

LOVELY DISHES: Toaster Teapot

I probably wouldn't buy one of these toaster teapots, as I try to prevent my kitchen from getting cluttered up with kitschy stuff. But this is adorable and I love looking at retro styled things, so I'm giving you a tiny peek!

LOVELY FOOD: Chocolate Safari

I wanted to show you this cute chocolate Safari from La Maison du Chocolat. I don't see it for sale on their website, so it might just be a showpiece. Adorable!


Do-It-Yourself Mushrooms (NY Times)

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Thankyou so much for the kind words, what a lovely thing to wake up to in the morning! I love that chocolate safari too-how adorable! :)