Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Dresses


- Is it warm enough where you are to air out the house? Open windows and doors and let fresh breezes in, if at all possible.

- Shake out rugs and hang them to air; remove pillowcases and set pillows out in the sun to air out too. (If you are lucky enough to have sun today!)

- Check over shopping list for the week. Add fresh fruits and vegetables, and don't forget to pick yourself up some flowers.

- Start planning your Cinco de Mayo festivities, if you plan to have a party or small gathering.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Spring Dresses

Catmint dress I'm considering saving up for, at Anthropologie

I hate wearing pants, but winter often finds me choosing to wear velvet pants to stay warm. I'm a girlie girl, so I prefer dresses. I'm so looking forward to wearing floaty, light, colorful little spring dresses soon!

Today I'm getting out my cute, ruffly, flirty spring dresses. I want them out and visible in my closet so I can easily find them when choosing my clothes every morning.

I'll make sure everything is ready to wear - has it been dry cleaned? Ironed? Smells fresh? Examine your dresses for tears and loose threads. Try a few on, if needed, to make sure they still fit and look good.

Get out your coordinating shrugs, shawls, and scarves. Find the right sandals to wear, if it's warm enough in your area. Spritz yourself with one of your favorite light spring or summery perfumes while you work.

Do you have any room in your budget to treat yourself to a new spring dress? It feels so wonderful to traipse about looking gorgeous in a new dress that makes you feel beautiful!

LOVELY BABY: Gymboree "Ice Cream Shop"

Last night I was minding my own business at Northgate Mall and I accidentally wandered into Gymboree. The adorable "Ice Cream Shop" series for newborn girls caught my eye, and I'm afraid I have to admit I didn't leave the store empty handed. My best friend's newborn baby girl already has more clothes than she can wear, but I couldn't resist a little something! After all, these all have cute little ice cream cones on them!

"Ice Cream Shop," at Gymboree

LOVELY BLOGS: A Mingling of Tastes

This is an enjoyable food & wine blog by a freelance writer. You'll find recipes for a spanish frittata, baked beans, a poached salmon and fennel salad, morel-barley risotto, and other delicious things.

LOVELY GIFTS: Mother's Day Cookies

I am enthralled with the looks of these Mother's Day Cookies. There are shoes, hats, purses, butterflies, ladybugs, bees and flowers. Very spring, very expensive, and very adorable. I wish I could bake and create beautiful things like this myself, but I guess that's why Dean & Deluca own a gourmet food shop and I don't! :)


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