Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day

It's Tax Day here in the U.S. All over, accountants are scurrying busily, and dreaming of the vacations they'll head out on tomorrow. Post office parking lots are generally crowded today, because of people who didn't plan ahead. Those disorganized people now are rushing down frantically to get their taxes mailed in. I hope you've already finished and mailed your documents away so you don't have to worry!


- File your taxes if you haven't already

- We're mid-month. Look over your calendar to see upcoming birthdays, appointments, and socialization opportunities. Need to make any dentist or vet or doctor appointments?

- Are you planning any trips or parties later this month? Need to start working out the details?

- It's time to my downstairs carpet cleaned. I was trying to wait until the puppies were completely potty trained, but I can't take it anymore. I hate to think about fitting this into my budget after just paying out so much in taxes, but I think I need to prioritize this expense. Is it time for you to schedule a carpet cleaning for your home?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Cabinet or Drawer Sorting

Today I have a lot of work to do that will probably spill into my evening. So I don't have time for a huge cleaning project. But I don't want my house to get cluttered up or become messy from lack of maintenance cleaning.

So tonight I will choose one cabinet or one drawer to sort out. I'll remove everything, reevaluate if I need to keep it, toss out broken items, sort and organize before replacing items in the cabinet or drawer. I will try to recycle or throw out as much as possible, keeping only essential items, things that are useful or beautiful.

I anticipate this project to take less than fifteen minutes.

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