Friday, May 07, 2010

Beauty Day

Aveeno's new Fig and Shea Body Wash, what I'm currently enjoying using

Today I'm catching up with all the beauty regimens I've been lax about the last couple weeks. I've been really busy with work, the new puppies, and traveling to visit family. Leg shaving and other things weren't really a priority.

I don't look hideously ugly quite yet, but I do like looking my best, so tonight it's time to get some things handled.


  • Vacuum your living or family room if needed, to freshen it up for the weekend.

  • Do you have fresh orange juice in the house? Need to add that to your grocery list, if that's something your family enjoys drinking?

  • Does your kitchen herb garden (if any) need tidying, watering, or weeding?

  • Wash your kitchen window, if needed. I have four to wash, and they're all very grimy inside and out.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Beautification

Tonight I'm staying home, making a simple plate of pasta, pouring some sangria I picked up at Whole Foods, and catching up on my beauty rituals. My hair dye (Feria, burgundy) takes first priority. It only takes 25 minutes to work (plus five minutes to clean up the inevitable drips, 15 minutes for my shower, and 2 minutes to start laundry on my hairdyed towels and the clothes I was wearing). I really hate dyeing my hair, so I always put it off too long. Then I have grey and brown roots growing in - yuck.

While I'm showering the hair dye off, I'll give myself a sugar scrub to soften my skin, and do my shaving. Lotion time after that, and I might as well throw on a mud mask since I'll just be watching TV and nobody will have to see me.

Then while I'm watching a movie or something, I will give my heels and feet a good extra scrub and lotion treatment. I got a pedicure last week, but I run around barefoot a lot.

After I wash off my mud mask, I'll give myself a quick manicure - nothing fancy, just my favorite everyday neutral: Opi's "Samoan Sand." Last thing I'll do before I go to bed is put on my teeth whitening stuff. Can't do it earlier because you can't drink wine immediately after whitening! :)

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