Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Computer Organization


  • Going somewhere for Memorial Day weekend? Do you have your plans finalized, reservations made, tickets purchased, budget adjusted?

  • Need to do any mid-week laundry?

  • Empty any trash cans and recycling bins throughout the house.

  • Do you have a mud room or utility room? How is the sink looking? Need to scrub it? Muddy footprints on the floor to clean up? Coats to rehang?

  • Any books due to be returned at the library? Conversely, do you need to stop by the library to select some interesting books for your family members to enjoy reading?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Computer Organization

My Christmas present to myself was a new computer, running Windows 7. It's been five months, and I only just today installed my old copy of Photoshop 6.0 on that computer. I have another two or three programs I need to install, now that I've owned the computer for five whole months - doh!

Today I'm working on cleaning out and organizing my current bookmarks, cleaning out a few months-old files, removing a bunch of older photo albums from my Facebook account (no sense keeping personal pics sitting around where they could be vulnerable to prying eyes), sorting and naming pictures.

I'll also be changing lots of my passwords today, something that should be done every few months, if not more frequently. (Remember not to use the same password more than once. Your Facebook password should be totally different than your Yahoo password, different than the one you use for MySpace, email, eBay, etc).

I have a semi-new email address I use, and I totally ditched and abandoned my old one, so I'm making sure that my accounts at Amazon, Facebook, etc. use the updated email address. If I forget or lose my password, I wouldn't be able to ask those websites to email me a new password, since they'd be emailing to the old account I can no longer access.

After I'm done sorting my bookmarks (which should take 3-4 hours, ugh) I will be working on updating various webpages, blogging, deleting boring old blogs and communities I started and abandoned, and doing other minor creativity housekeeping tasks like that.

Before I go to bed, I'll start the spy/adware/virus download updating process, and run a disk defragmenter to help clean up my new computer and free up space.

LOVELY BLOGS: House Wren Studio

Charlotte is an artist and a designer. Here on her blog, she shares her projects, as well as lovely things she finds while going about her daily life. She recently went to the Mary Engelbreit workshop, and on a trip to St. Louis. Poke around a bit here, I think you'll enjoy your visit.

LOVELY HOME DECOR: Tiffany Style Fireplace Screens

I am totally coveting this Tiffany style fireplace screen. It's gorgeous! I could afford it, if I skimped on my restaurant and entertainment budget for a few weeks. But I use my fireplace quite often, and I realize this screen would get really dirty and take extra housecleaning time to maintain. It would be better for an unused fireplace that needed a bit of decorating. So I'll just smile and move on and not buy one, even though they are gorgeous!


These Pylones of Paris pepper mills make me smile. One depicts an Inuit girl, the other a Russian lady.


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