Saturday, May 15, 2010

Do Something Childlike Today

Today I want to encourage us all to enjoy doing something childlike, something fun. I don't mean childish, as that puts me in mind of tantrums, immaturity or not taking responsibility.

Rather, I'm thinking of playing, doing something fun, reliving a bit of our childhoods. Being young and playful, just for today.


  • Treat yourself to a special breakfast today. You have time to linger over it, since it's the weekend.

  • Made your weekend socializing plans?

  • I need to make a couple phone calls to elderly relatives. Do you?

  • Need to do any grocery shopping? Make a Costco run? Drop off library books? Return movies? Pick up or drop off dry cleaning?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Do Something Childlike

Maybe you'd like to take the opportunity over the weekend to re-experience something you used to enjoy doing as a child. Color in a coloring book; play with paper dolls (I plan to!); go roller skating if you can find or rent a pair of skates that will fit; play with some Barbie dolls (even if it's just by yourself); sneak out your daughter's EZ Bake Oven and play with it; make a friendship bracelet; jumprope or Hula Hoop. Splash in puddles, or climb a tree to read a book. (I won't feel silly if someone sees me up in a tree!)

You might even browse through a toy store just for fun, taking all the time you want, now that you're grown and your parents aren't here to hurry you along.

Re-live and enjoy.

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