Wednesday, May 05, 2010



  • Do you have your Mother's Day gift already? Planning to take your mom out on Sunday?

  • Run a load of laundry, if needed, so you aren't stuck doing laundry all weekend

  • Declutter your pile of mail and magazines tonight, if needed

  • Clean pet dishes, refill water bowls, and check bedding for possible laundering needs. Inventory pet food and medicine supplies

TODAY'S PROJECT: Bathroom Counter Decluttering

I have way too many items on my bathroom counter. It doesn't look like a peaceful, relaxing spa bathroom. Instead, it looks like a drugstore counter! Time to remove items I don't use every day, and see if I can stash even some everyday items in a convenient (but unseen) spot.

I currently have three different lovely candles on the counter, but I only burn one at a time, so two should be put away. I have three perfume bottles on the counter, but I mostly use the same Escada "Marine Groove" perfume every day. So the other two bottles should go down into my perfume drawer.

After I'm done decluttering, reorganizing, and sanitizing the mirror and counter, I'll light a candle, set some fresh flowers on the counter (recluttering it a bit, I admit, but I want flowers!) and relax on my nearby bed with a good magazine.


I'm a sucker for everything cherry scented, so I'm excited to try the new Happy Blooming bath melt from Lush.

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