Sunday, May 02, 2010

Provisioning for Good Weather

Raya Pitcher, at Crate & Barrel


  • Get out your iced tea/lemonade pitchers so they're easily accessible. Stir up a pitcher of your favorite summery beverage. Need to make room in your fridge so the pitcher will fit?

  • Sort and process mail. Any bills that still need to be paid?

  • Look over your birthday list for the second half of the month. Write and send any cards, wrap and mail gifts, order flowers if needed.

  • Do any laundry you might need to do so you and your family will have clean clothes to wear tomorrow and clean beds to sleep in tonight.

  • Fridge/freezer maintenance: Clean one shelf, one drawer or two door shelves in your fridge or freezer.

  • Want to avoid crowds at Home Depot, garden and home stores this warm spring weekend? Make a quick trip tomorrow night after work instead, if you have plants or home renovation items on your shopping list.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Provisioning for Summer

Today I'm pulling out my outdoor entertaining dishes and pitchers, taking inventory of summery tablecloths and napkins, and finding my ice chests and picnic basket. I'll wash all the dishes so they're ready for use at my next outdoor party - perhaps even tonight!

I'll also make sure I have gas for the lawnmower, lighter fluid and charcoal, and the little sticks we use for fires to cook over in my fire pit table.

I definitely don't need any new dishes or table linens, but it's time for a nursery run for some planters, flowers, and potting soil. I'm also going to pick up some sunscreen today too!


This is "The Cute Food Blog." They find adorable things to showcase. Recently they've shown a sushi-themed cake, a frosted ball of cake, triangular strawberry ice cream rolls, and flowery fudge cupcakes. Mouthwatering!

LOVELY KIDS: Handbag House

This dollhouse is shaped like a handbag. It's so cute, I just wanted to show it to you. I'm not sure if the fairy doll comes with the house, but supposedly it has a fairy bed inside.

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