Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cleaning Cheerfully

Somehow cleaning on a nice sunny day makes me happy. You'd think I'd be bitter about my wasted time indoors - I should be outside enjoying the sun, not indoors bending over my vacuum. But with my doors and windows open to the fresh air, a candle burning, summery music playing, my freshly mopped floors drying in the sunlight that's streaming in, and my cat napping on sun dappled cushions, I am in a pretty good mood.


  • Burn a nice scented candle. Candles aren't just for fall and winter! I'm burning Pacifica's "Tahitian Gardenia" this afternoon.

  • Do you need to make an appointment for your half-yearly carpet cleaning?

  • Fill up with gas for the weekend, and visit an ATM for pocket cash

  • Tidy up the house for the weekend. Empty trash cans, tidy kitchen, wipe down mirrors and counters in bathrooms, remove dead houseplants, freshen hand towels and kitchen towels if needed, vacuum family room, declutter dining table. Spritz with home spray for freshening.

  • Do you need to shave your legs or fix your manicure or pedicure before going out tonight?

  • Vacuum any room that needs it. How about your carpeted stairs, if any?

  • Throw something away today. I just put a big, bulky, pretty, itchy, worn-twice red sweater in the Goodwill pile. I feel bad about donating something to charity that's so itchy, but maybe the homeless person who gets this will be glad of its warmth, come winter.

  • Put on some music that you enjoy listening to in the summer.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Pantry Shelf Sorting

I can no longer find anything on the "snack" shelf of my pantry (where I keep peanut butter, chips, nuts, unopened salsa jars, raisins, canned olives, and crackers). It's a deep, dark shelf, and I'm tired of digging things out and having sunflower seeds spill on the floor. Time to remove every item from the shelf, wipe and dust the cupboard walls and shelf, examine items for freshness and usefulness, then put the remaining items back in an organized fashion.

Truth be told, my entire pantry needs to be sorted out (not just this one shelf), but I'm trying to find a manageable project to accomplish today. I still have to work a few more hours, empty all the trashcans in the house, take the trash can and recycling bin to the curb, make dinner, clean up after dinner, and do a load of laundry. I also neglected my kitties the last couple days, so need to spend some extra cuddling time with them tonight.

It's nice and temperate today, but will probably be in the upper 80s over the weekend. Time to check my sunscreen supplies, make iced tea, buy watermelon, get out picnic blankets, and make sure there's plenty of clean, fresh ice in the freezer for chilling drinks.

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