Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunny Monday


  • Take stock of your citronella candles, mosquito repellent (if applicable), and other outdoor candles. Need to add anything to your shopping list? Using and enjoying the candles you already have?

  • Go for a walk tonight.

  • Hose down patio furniture if needed (Mine has bird poop on it!)

  • When's the last time you had some fresh summer corn?

  • Make menu plans and create grocery list for the week.


I have three bathrooms, so if I clean one a week, then skip a week in laziness, my bathrooms are only getting cleaned once a month. That's not enough! So tonight I'm thoroughly cleaning all three. I expect it to take about 1.5 hours because of the scrubbing-the-shower and scrubbing-the-bathtub component. Otherwise, everything else will require only a quick wipedown because I've been so good at regular maintenance cleaning.

I'm removing rugs and towels, laundering anything that needs it, cleaning toilet paper holders, emptying and sanitizing wastebaskets, wiping down baseboards, washing walls where needed, wiping light bulbs and light switches, wiping down towel racks, scrubbing toilets inside and out, mopping floors, scrubbing showers and bathtubs, scrubbing sinks, and wiping down mirrors and counters.

I don't need to sort the inside of cabinets since I've had so many cabinet sorting projects lately.

When I'm done cleaning, it will be too hot tonight for a long bath. But I might take an extra long shower in my freshly scrubbed bathroom. I'll treat myself and use plenty of my favorite Aveda shampoo that I hoard since it's expensive.

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