Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Day for Gardening


  • Refresh your home: Open doors and windows to let in sunshine and fresh air. If you have air conditioning or central air, do this later tonight when it's cooler anyway. Even if you have a ventilation system, there's nothing like an open (preferably screened) window to let in a breeze you can feel on your skin.
  • Run upstairs and look at your dresser (or whatever large wooden piece of furniture you have in your bedroom). Find two items that doesn't belong there (or more, if you have time). What could be removed to prevent a cluttered look? Put the item elsewhere, or give it away, or try to sell it on eBay/etc. (List it immediately so you won't forget!)
  • Have you made and enjoyed a fresh fruit smoothie lately?
  • Do any quick work that needs doing in the kitchen. Microwave wiped inside and out? Stovetop wiped? Counters cleaned? Floor mopped? Dishwasher loaded or unloaded? Sink scrubbed?
  • Social plans made for tomorrow night and the weekend? Need to call anybody to make plans? Any friends or relatives you haven't seen for a couple months?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Gardening and Weeding

Let's face it, I'm just not a gardener. I don't have a way with plants, and I don't really enjoy most of the gardening process. I like buying plants and flowers, but don't really like fighting the ground to dig a hole, and getting my hands dirty planting them. I'm scared of spiders and don't like seeing worms squiggling around in the dirt. I do like looking at the finished product - a colorful garden - so I force myself to struggle through the work.

I do like mowing, watering and weeding though. You can step back and really see you've accomplished something. (Plus it's a good excuse to spend time in the sun!) I also like hearing the comforting sound of sprinklers running, and it's sort of fun wandering about the yard watering by hand with a hose.

Today I'm mowing my gigantic back yard, weeding the front flowerbeds, removing grass from in between my rose bushes, and raking leaves out of the wooded area in my back yard.

This year, unlike last year, I have two puppies eagerly "helping" me, running around playing beside me or staring at me to figure out what on earth I'm doing. (Edgar even "helped" by digging a hole in the grass.. sigh).

Later tonight I'll set up my sprinklers to run for half an hour or so, as it's been dry in Seattle the last few days. As I'm sitting out on my back patio this evening, I'll enjoy listening to the sprinklers run.

Do you have any gardening to do? If you live in a condo or have the privilege of retaining a gardener, do you have houseplants to tend to tonight instead?

LOVELY BLOGS: The High-Heeled Contessa

This blog is by "An amateur hostess indulging her senses (and yours) with food, music, and violently cute things." I love the interesting things she finds to blog about. Currently she's showcasing fried apple pie, African Yammes Frites, and avocado cream macaroons.

LOVELY BOOKS: Mini-Shopaholic

I'm looking forward to treating myself to "Mini Shopaholic" when it comes out in September. I've really enjoyed Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series - they're quick, fun, indulgent reads. The new book covers what happens when Becky's daughter is old enough to join her in her shopping frenzies.

LOVELY FOOD: Lemon Ice Cream

I don't think I've ever tried lemon ice cream before. Sorbet, yes - that's my favorite sorbet flavor. I'm excited to try the new Haagen-Dazs Lemon Ice Cream tonight after I'm hot and tired from finishing my gardening. This is part of their "Five" series, using only five ingredients.

LOVELY MOVIES: Grease Sing-A-Long

Delight your mom or aunt by taking them to a showing of Grease Sing-A-Long. It's in theaters in the US for the month of July. Sounds fun!


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