Saturday, July 24, 2010

Failing to Live a Lovely Life in Moderation

What I'm serving at my next outdoor party: Belvedere Pink Grapefruit, ice cold, probably in a Cosmo.

Today I'm utterly exhausted, a bit dizzy, and I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow. I simply did far, far too much work today. On a Saturday!

I try to balance my life so that I have enough work time, enough leisure time, enough family time, time with friends, plenty of sleep, and some alone time. Besides daily homemaking tasks (vacuuming, kitchen cleaning, etc) I do several little housework and decluttering projects during the week so the house doesn't become a disaster zone. On weekends, with their bigger chunks of time, I do bigger projects. But I generally try to leave lots of time for leisure, friends, and throwing parties.

Today, however, was all about work and catching up on neglected chores.

A couple weeks ago, I took three days off work to go to San Diego. Now I'm "paying" for it by working all day long on a Saturday. I feel a bit sorry for myself today, but I'll see friends tomorrow and go to "Family Night" afterwards. So I do have fun things to look forward to as I slave away today.

My foster dog, "Lucky," snoozes happily in the yard while I work.

Here's what I got done so far:

  • I washed both of my cars - the one that's operable and the one that's dead, sitting in my driveway waiting for me to find the title so I can donate it.

  • I swept my back patio and threw out two dead houseplants, then watered my basil and potted hydrangea.

  • I set and rearranged sprinklers eight times so my front and back lawns got thoroughly watered.

  • I scrubbed a kitchen counter that needed extra attention, and cleaned the stove.

  • I spent twenty minutes cutting down an overgrown hedge that was preventing one of my garden gates from opening.

  • I washed a load of brand new sheets - they're headed to my "new" guest room that my departing college student is cleaning out tomorrow.

  • My Lab puppies have a new outdoor swimming pool, which I unpacked, inflated, filled, and then taught them how to climb in and out of it. Then broke down and recycled the cardboard box the pool came in.

  • I spent three hours cleaning and organizing the merchandise area of my garage.

  • Dusted my dining room table, curio cabinet and chairs. The slats were getting dusty because I have the front door and windows open so much of the time right now.

  • Changed another front porch lightbulb, tightened hinges on a kitchen cabinet, and dusted a bookcase.

  • Hosed down all three dog crates and let them dry in the sun.

Whew, I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment! I did however manage to do three fun things for myself today: I took a half hour nap while snuggling the cat; read the last three chapters of a book I've been enjoying; and now I'm settled happily and comfortably on a chaise lounge, watching a silly episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and enjoying tonic water with a bit of Torched Cherry Bacardi in it. (Ok, more than a "bit.")


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