Thursday, July 01, 2010

First of July

The second month of summer begins! Let's take a few moments to look back through our month of June. Did you get your housecleaning projects done, appointments kept, spend time with family, time with friends, time for yourself? Summery activities enjoyed? What things did you miss out on, what do you want to schedule for July, and what do you want to do more of before summer is over?


  • Pay bills, rent, mortgage
  • Finalize Fourth of July plans, invitations, etc.
  • Look over your birthday list or calendar for the month. Any birthdays coming up? Do you need to send any flowers, write and mail any cards today, shop for and send birthday gifts, plan parties?
  • Need to make any dentist, doctor, or vet appointments this month?
  • Is it time to book yourself a haircut, dye, manicure, pedicure or massage? Family members need haircuts?
  • Look over your budget for the month, preferably together with your spouse or significant other (if any). Are you doing ok on paying bills, paying off debt, depositing into savings? Can you budget in room for entertainment, dinners, fresh fruit, fixing things around the house, gas for going to summer activities, and the occasional movie night or small retail therapy treat?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Provisioning

Today I'm doing a whole bunch of errands. I'm not doing a whole ton of shopping - just enough to have what I need, but not so much I'm cluttering up my nice home with any junk.

I'm stocking up on toilet paper, Kleenex, feminine supplies, light bulbs, a new kitchen sponge, dish detergent, laundry detergent, hand soap, and paper towels. I'm buying two citronella candles for the patio, as well as two Fourth-of-July flowerpots to make it pretty. And I'm buying another collar for my cat, who is an expert at losing his.

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