Monday, August 09, 2010

ReFeathering the Empty Nest

A pillow I'm really tempted by at Crate & Barrel. Perfect for fall!

Both of my "kids" just moved away to go to college in the fall. Their moving preparations and packing procedures brought chaos on our home, with boxes and sorting, extra meals needing to be cooked, and extra trash and recycling needing to go out.

Also, I neglected many of my housekeeping maintenance duties this week while entertaining a young visiting cousin. She was eager to see new things, go new places, try new restaurants and go to her first outdoor concert ( Natalie Merchant) so I indulged her. When we got home every night we were too tired to do more than the very most basic things around the house. She's back at her home now, and I have a house free of children for the first time in four years.

Suddenly I find myself with a clean house that stays clean; a freshly mopped kitchen floor that has time to dry properly because nobody tromps on it right away; a TIVO uncluttered by other people's unwatched recorded shows; and lots of extra time on my hands. And if I imbibe more than one delicious cocktail at dinner, I don't have to worry about being an unduly bad influence!

In two or three weeks I will probably be crying and missing them; meanwhile I'm enjoying my freedom and alone time. Time for me to rebuild my life without them, redecorate my home a bit, rearrange things, and look forward to their holiday visits. Meanwhile, I have a horribly trashed home to clean up!


  • Challenge: Can you remove two items from your nightstand (if applicable)?

  • Make menu plans and create grocery list for the week

  • Plan your week ahead. What will you wear, what appointments do you have to go to, can you make time for yourself every day, do you have an evening to spend with family for quality time?

  • Try to fit in time for two summery things this week or next weekend. What haven't you done yet this summer that you want to? Long walks, berry picking, sunbathing (skin cancer, I know, I know, sigh!) a visit to the park, an outdoor concert, a picnic, a barbecue?

  • Need to return any library books or movie rentals from the past weekend?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Feathering my Empty Nest

My house got so out of control during the kids' moving process, I barely know where to start. I think I will tackle the worst (and most important) rooms first, then work my way to the less-trashed, less-used rooms of the house. I expect this project to take 2-3 evenings after work this week.

  • Bathrooms: Empty trash cans, scrub toilets, mop floors, sanitize counters, wipe mirrors and fixtures, launder and replace towels.

  • Kitchen: Empty/fill dishwasher, scrub sink and spray with stainless steel cleaner; wipe down oven and stove; wash counters; take out recycling; mop floors.

  • Downstairs family room: Vacuum, declutter, launder slipcovers for furniture, dust bookcases and end tables, replace DVDs in their homes, dust media center and TV, declutter mantel.

  • Upstairs living room: Dust and vacuum.

  • Dining room: declutter table, sweep and mop.

  • Bedrooms: Tidy, pick-up, and vacuum.

  • Home office: Light a match (just kidding!) Tidy and declutter.

LOVELY BABIES: The Secret Garden Collection

Am I just biased because they named this collection, perhaps, after one of my favorite children's books? This collection is so adorable, I am probably going to go crazy and buy several pieces of it for my newest niece.

The Secret Garden, at The Gap

LOVELY BLOGS: Badder Homes and Gardens

Alright, you need a sense of humor for this home decor blog! It's irreverent, naughty, and a bit cheeky. Enjoy!


Check out this CNN video about a woman in Pennsylvania who secretly performed acts of kindness for strangers. Things as simple as tucking a hydrangea bloom into someone's windshield wipers, or gifting someone a $5 Starbucks gift card. I love this!

Secret Agent L

LOVELY MOVIES: Eat, Pray, Love

I haven't read the book, but based on the trailer, I am excited to see this. Preferably with girlfriends and a Cosmo or two first!

Eat, Pray, Love, at IMDB

Eat, Pray, Love Movie (Official)


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