Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Remnants of Summer

You know summer is over when all the stores put their outdoor furniture on sale. Here's Restoration Hardware's offerings

As I sit writing to you this morning, it's raining very hard. I was planning to go on a waterfront park picnic with my best friend and her baby. Instead, I'm lighting a fire in my fireplace and we're having a cozy lunch at my house. Instead of the iced tea I'd been planning to bring, I'm making hot tea.

Outside my window, through the rain sodden trees, I see a group of mothers escorting their coat-wearing small children to their first day of school at the elementary school behind my house. My dogs, afraid of the rain, are restlessly play-fighting at my feet. It feels like fall, despite the absence of colored, falling leaves. As much as I love autumn and look forward to it, I'm a bit sad and wistful to be losing my beloved summer. I'm not quite ready for it to be over.


  • Look back over your summer. Did you get to do everything you wanted? Did you go berry picking, make lemonade, sit in the sun reading a book, go to a lake or beach, have a picnic in the park, take your dogs to an off-leash park, attend an outdoor concert, go to the farmer's market? Anything summery you can plan to enjoy this next week or so, weather permitting?

  • Our cooking and eating styles will soon change for autumn. There's still time to eat heirloom tomatoes, slice up watermelon, prepare some fabulous summer corn, make a fresh berry pie, serve a summer melon, and drink an ice cold martini on the porch in the evening.

  • Finalize plans for your Labor Day weekend. Going somewhere and need to pack? Having company over and need to grocery shop and clean?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Closet Cleaning

Pick a closet other than your bedroom clothes closet: under the stairs, perhaps, or the hall closet, or the guest room closet. Remove everything, sort, declutter, and try to get rid of as much as possible. Give the carpet a quick sweep or vacuum, wipe down any walls as needed, dust off any shelving, then replace your items in an organized manner.

Today I'm doing this with my under-stairs closet. This is where I keep my board games (I already threw away one that's missing too many cards and pieces), outdoor pillows, outdoor umbrellas, tools, cables and gadgets, picnic basket and vacuum. My dogs kept me company, sniffing every item as I removed it, and I listened to TV while I worked. It was quite pleasant, actually. I already noticed how much easier it is to grab a throw if I'm chilly.

What closet can you sort tonight after work? I bet you can do it in less than 30 minutes!

LOVELY FOOD: Sur la Table's New Paper Baking Cups

I am so happy to see these fabulous new bake cup designs at Sur La Table. They have lots of polkadots, colorful swirls, and best of all, DAMASK! There's also a nice gothy black Skulls and Scrolls for Halloween, and unusual things like Jaguar print. My mouth is already watering as I'm daydreaming about all the fancy cupcakes I'm going to bake soon!

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