Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ready for a Windstorm

Emergency Candles, at Amazon

Yesterday and today it's been very windy, raining hard, and my lights are flickering. If the power goes out, I won't be able to do my work on the computer, so I'll find other things to do to occupy my time in a productive manner. (But I'll sneak in some magazine reading leisure time before it gets dark outside, too!)


  • Kitchen floor need sweeping or mopping? Counters clean?

  • Tidy bathrooms - refresh toilet paper rolls, empty trash cans if needed, wipe down mirrors, sinks and counters, change out hand towels and rugs as needed, for clean ones

  • How is everybody in your house doing for fresh, clean pajamas to wear tonight?

  • Do you have a fall wreath on your front door? If you own an autumn-themed or Halloween doormat, have you swapped it out so it's on your doorstep?

  • Have you baked any delicious muffins or quick breads lately, if that's something you enjoy doing and your family enjoys helping you eat up?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Windstorm Preparedness

Today a powerful storm knocked out power in the Midwest. It's Chicago's worst storm in 7 decades.

I'll never forget Seattle's worst windstorm, in 2006. We lost power for eight days and had to go stay with friends whose power had come back on after the fourth day. During the four nights we spent without power, we were extremely lucky that the outside temperatures didn't dip below 30. (Inside the house it was a mere 40 degrees, brr!)

We were also - I don't want to say "lucky" because I was well prepared - better off because I'd planned ahead. We had three nights worth of firewood, canned food we could heat over our outdoor firepit, plenty of candles and matches, and extra comforters.

Right before the windstorm had hit, I'd fortunately decided it was a good idea to run two loads of laundry, quickly pop some wet sheets into the dryer, and run the dishwasher. This meant we had clean clothes and sheets for the next week, and a dishwasher full of dishes I didn't have to wash by hand in the dark cold kitchen.

Now every year as autumn approaches, I start hoarding firewood, candles, and emergency supplies. I'm lucky I have a big garage to store things in, and I don't let my hoard take over the indoors of my house!

Today I'm thinking about what tasks I could accomplish yet today if my power goes out. My hot water heater uses gas, so I'd still have hot water to do my dishes, clean my kitchen and bathrooms, and mop floors with. The vacuum would of course be useless, but I could use my broom to tidy the wood floors that didn't quite need mopping yet. I'd need a bit of daylight to get any dusting done properly.

Then at night, if the power was still out, I could light a fire, read by firelight and candlelight, and eat a healthy dinner of salad and fruit, cheese and bread. I could still get some housekeeping tasks done - you can fold laundry or declutter by flashlight, and sort out a drawer or a box of paperwork by firelight.

Are you ready for a power outage?

Emergency Preparedness Checklist

LOVELY BLOGS: Granny Mountain

Joycee lives in the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas. I think you will enjoy her posts about visiting her town's new Ulta shop, making old-fashioned Halloween popcorn balls, and enjoying the warm glow of homes in autumn.


LOVELY BOOKS: The Good Housekeeping Hostess

I've found another digitized antique book that I'm delighted to read through. "Entertainments for all seasons and occasions," plus "The complete rules of etiquette and social observance for the hostess."

Content includes Social Life, children's parties, weddings, A Dainty June Dinner, A Company Dinner, a Winter Feast, A Literary Dinner, A Corn Luncheon, and a chapter on Halloween frolics. Some of the party activities suggested here are so quaint and adorable!

The Good Housekeeping Hostess, at Google Books

LOVELY FASHION: Faery Wedding Dresses

I accidentally happened across this fairy wedding and handfasting gown site and was so enchanted by the dresses, I wanted to show them to you too. I doubt I'd choose to wear one of these to my next wedding someday long ahead in my future, but I'd be tempted to own one of the lovely attendants' gowns (like this red one) for parties. Just for fun, take a leisurely browse!


LOVELY MOVIES: The Nutcracker in 3D

"The Nutcracker" has never been a particular favorite of mine. I don't really enjoy the story. But I am always on the lookout for fun children's movies to take my three Seattle nephews to. This one looks like something they will really like. Tt comes out around Thanksgiving - perfect timing!

The Nutcracker in 3D Trailer, at Apple

The Nutcracker in 3D, at IMDB


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