Monday, October 11, 2010

Taking the Day off for Columbus Day

Victor, thoroughly enjoying the dog park

The post office is closed for Columbus Day, which means I can't ship my eBay items. I suppose I should be reflecting on the meaning of Columbus Day, but instead, I'm going to lunch with my aunt and taking the dogs to the dog park for a couple hours.


  • It's Columbus Day, so the post office and banks are closed. Need to get anything ready to mail out tomorrow morning?

  • Need to get any laundry done that didn't get finished over the weekend?

  • Make meal plans for the week. Today might be the perfect day to go grocery shopping if you have the day off work too.

  • Celebrate fall by filling your home with fall scents. Spritz room spray, or light a pumpkin or caramel scented candle. You can also simmer water, a cinnamon stick, sugar, and a few orange slices on the stove to make your home smell fabulous.

  • Have you eaten an apple, peach or pear this week?

  • Check your inventory of fun and tasty fall beverages. Do you have hot chocolate? Spiced apple cider mix? A couple bottles of Martinelli's apple cider? Alcoholic cider for those of you who drink? Guinness?


When we get home from the dog park today, I'm doing a very unglamorous but very needed project. I'll be cleaning all three bathrooms very thoroughly. I have a fun book I want to read tonight, so I will work quickly and not get distracted by other tasks. I expect this task to take no more than forty-five minutes.

If you don't have time to do multiple bathrooms today, just choose one of your bathrooms and make it fabulous. Wash rugs, bath towels, hand towels and washcloths; mop floor; scrub sink, shower and tub (if applicable). Dust or wipe the baseboards clean; wipe the light fixtures and light bulbs. Empty trash cans, and check out your emergency supply of toilet paper you hide in a cabinet nearby.

See if there's anything you can get off the counters (I'm removing two of the three candles I have in the master bathroom, and removing one of the two magazines I keep on the toilet tank).

Take a quick look in any cabinets in your bathroom - do they need sorting or de-cluttering? Finish off with a quick polish of the mirror, counter and fixtures, then a spritz with home fragrance spray.

Did you clean your own master bathroom? Celebrate your clean bathroom with a hot bath or extra long shower tonight. Afterwards, treat yourself to an ice cold glass of water with lemon, a Perrier, or even some sparkling cider.

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